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Resumen biográfico Top best apps to use when travelling for Android

For many people, preparing for trips is probably a good thing to do. If you don’t the you you’ll always be stressed and confused by the problems that can occur, while those who prepared are free to enjoy a pleasant vacation - even if it’s just a short day trip. 

This preparation can be quite difficult when you have to search for cheap airfares or tickets to travel, as well as research dozens of exciting destinations and foods to enjoy, as well as many other services. 

Real life is more diversified. Google Play Store has lots of  apps which are available for users on the trip. This article will recommend some travelling apps to help you find the ones that suit best.



Hipmunk is a mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms that brings a fast and complete mix to provide an impressive solution for booking and planning your trips. With a powerful search system, you can find flights to hotels to rentals. 

In addition to providing basic flight information with the official prices, Hipmunk offers more than just the flight times, stopping points and other relevant parameters for the users. With Hipmunk, users have the full advantage of finding attractive deals from hotels till the last minute, as well as  viewing reviews from other users on TripAdvisor and many other sources. You can search for hotels that are convenient for shopping, dinner, or other recreational needs through maps.

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The Skyscanner app offers users intriguing discounts for travel experience in both domestic and international flights. Like Google Flights, Skyscanner also operates on the principle of comparing prices offered by thousands of flights provided by hundreds of major airlines around the world. From here, users can make direct reservations within the app - these link to ticket offices as well as to the airline itself based on the user’s wishes. 

Skyscanner's search engine allows you to find cheap flights, great deals on hotels and brings users a chart of detailed prices. It’s a free app to download, so try it now.  LoungeBuddy

Flight transfer is always a problem for users in international flights as it often takes a long time to complete the necessary procedures. Rest is definitely what the user needs to be able to regain the strength from from the long flight later or simply to kill time. But when arriving at a foreign airport in transit, it is not easy to do this. 

So, LoungeBuddy appears as a solution to save users from the struggle of finding rooms in more than 500 airports around the world, even if you fly with economy class or business class.  
The Lounge Access Wizard fully demonstrates its usefulness in enabling users to enter flight information, service levels and more details about the airline's membership class so LoungeBuddy can provides a full list of room locations where users rest for free or pay at the respective airport. In addition, users can search through user satisfaction filters, as well as view shared posts and images before deciding to use the room suggested by the app. 
 TripIt is a tool that promises to minimize the complexity of each trip by combining various  elements on a simple and easy-to-follow interface. With syncing capabilities between mobile devices, users can easily share trip plans with others in their contacts. 
Just make a link to a personal email account with the TripIt tool, which will be able to quickly filter validations and templates into the user's inbox and use it in reorganizing the trip information including flight times, hotel bookings and more.  

Although this is a free app for users to download, this version does come with ads appearing that may be present themselves somewhere on the device screen during app usage. If it feels inconvenient in the operation, the users can completely remove it through the paid version of this app.



Airbnb is an ecommerce app that allows users to search for unique vacation spots around the world, from small rooms for a night out, or small apartments if you have a trip that lasts a few weeks - you can even use it if you need to linger for a few months. 
Obviously, finding all of this on your own would be difficult - especially  if you want a room with a  unique design.  

Currently, Airbnb has a database of over 34,000 cities in more than 200 countries around the world so that users can quickly and conveniently choose a location that is perfectly suited to their needs. You can save options too, in case you want to go back later. 

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TripAdvisor is a community-based guide for the selection and review of hotels, restaurants and attractions around the world. TripAdvisor enables users to perform searches through millions of reviews, images, and videos provided from other users of the app.  

You can access the contact information of each service, search for nearby locations, or discover restaurants that serve food in different styles, and at different  prices.  

You can see the price from the user side, as well as add your own evaluations during your experience to upgrade the service for other users who can use that as references which will be helpful during their trips to those cities.  

More specifically, TripAdvisor has also added a widget system on the lock screen to quickly display attractive destinations directly to users. 

Google Translate 

Even if you have prepared the local lingo for work in another place or on your travels, it never seems to be enough for you to discover as well as understand the local language. As such, a translation tool like Google Translate will be a pocket name that users can use when  seeking help or in cases of disagreement.  

Google Translate can be used to translate words, phrases, or short sentences from one language into another in a relatively accurate way. Users can do this by selecting the source language and target language, and then typing out what they want to say..  

In addition, Google Translate can use the built-in microphone on the device to recognize short conversations and perform translations that way, saving you from having to type. With visual recognition, Google Now is now able to extend its support capabilities through images containing characters or paragraphs to translate using the camera. 

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Hopefully these apps will bring you a fun and convenient journey.