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You may have noticed that the dictionary is expanding. Every year, new words are added, broadening the ways in which we are formally allowed to talk about everything. As of late, technology has been a focal point for language development and to do my essay with writing services. Instead of using slang words (or guessing as to the appropriate term) there are a variety of words you can now officially use in your papers.

If you're only using the Internet to research or browse social media, you may not have come across the term "dark web." However, the term may come up in a variety of classes or contexts, from Criminal Justice to Computer Science. It refers to, as puts it, "the portion of the Internet that is intentionally hidden from search engines, uses masked IP addresses, and is accessible only with a special web browser." It is not synonymous with "deep web," but instead is a portion of it, says.

Those of you on Twitter may be familiar with this term, defined by as "to publish the private personal information of (another person) without the consent of that individual."

Frequent tactics include posting home addresses, phone numbers, and/or license plates. From exposing individuals in response to his or her anonymous Internet activity to threatening or harassing people in the public eye, doxing has made headlines in recent months. The practice is criticized by some and applauded by others, remaining very controversial.

Referring to "a hacker who violates the security of a system for personal profit or for the gratification of causing damage," says, this term is also used to describe sketchy SEO practices on the Internet.

Think of black hat as a sort of all-encompassing term for shady things done for personal gain online.

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