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Hung Vy

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We always provide professional work, reasonable prices, to ensure construction preservation after drilling and cutting.

Due to many years of work and business passion, employees of the company are generally trained in high quality scientific skills on service.

Concrete drilling and cutting teams have seniority in the field.

– A large number of well-trained employees with more than 15 years of experience in construction work professionally and wholeheartedly.

– The most modern and modern objects and machines to solve the best work with the highest quality.

– Construction workers are fully equipped with safety tools and devices. The workers always carefully check the protective gear before construction.

– Khoan cắt bê tông bình dương with quick time, ensuring work progress.

– Call us on the phone number 0961 946 987 or 0934 449 479 for free advice and the best options for customers to choose the option.

Professional concrete cutting drill team

Hung Vy and 247 is confident to meet and satisfy all users, even the most demanding users.

Reference content: khoan cắt bê tông tây ninh.

Receive delivery of services:

1. Excavator, excavator, concrete chisel by hydraulic machine.

2. Demolition of civil works, factory projects.

3. Clean and clean after construction.

4. Best guarantee and support after the concrete construction is completed.

5. Guide secrets of drilling concrete chisel safely, effectively and free of charge.

6. Fully meet the workers for large and small projects.

7. Receive by shift, by hour...

8. Build on schedule as the two parties agree.

9. Drilling concrete breaking diameter from 20 - 1000mm, depth is not reduced.

10. Cutting concrete, maximum depth of 50mm.

11. Drilling of concrete holes anchors, bolt holes,...

12. Drilling to cut the water line, cut the factory floor chisel.

13. Works guaranteed both in quality and aesthetics.

14. Unbeatable prices, reasonable savings.

Hung Vy Concrete Drilling and Drilling Unit is a gathering place for many skilled workers, with many years of experience, a keen eye in the profession.

Please see: khoan cắt bê tông long an.