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Famous delicious food in Quang Ngai, delicious Quang Ngai specialties

Quang Ngai is famous as a masterpiece of the Tra An mountain, with its mountain and forest topography, the sea has created products to create delicious dishes, especially warm for people and love. Quang Ngai cuisine: the famous delicacies in Quang Ngai will list the dishes that are considered Quang Ngai specialties to make your trip more rewarding and interesting.

The most famous delicacies in Quang Ngai

 1. Goby of Tra river

You know the delicious goby stream specialties in Tam Dao will not miss the opportunity to enjoy this nutritious fish dish when traveling in Quang Ngai. Tra river goby is a delicious food in Quang Ngai and is praised by many people. Gobies caught in May at this time they grow up, so people drop bamboo tubes in the flowing water, but the gobies in the Tra River are very special, they have the smell of soil, the taste of the country. OK. Want delicious fish people here processed according to their own formula of granulated sugar, fresh coconut water and granulated sugar. The famous Tra goby is a specialty brand in Quang Ngai. This unique dish highlights the rich and unique Quang Ngai cuisine.

2. Pickled fish sauce

Sea-laced fish sauce is Quang Ngai's precious food, Quang Ngai's cuisine makes it become a specialty of Quang soil. Sea breams are abundant in Ly Son, My A in the sea, they are like prickles, diverse colors but want to make delicious fish sauce with only black skin. Nhum is processed into many dishes such as stock, mixed with spices and eggs, coated with rolls, can be eaten raw. But the most delicious and most delicious dish is a delicious, typical sauce for Ly Son garlic and whole pepper. Pickled sauce makes Quang Ngai cuisine richer, do not forget to buy this specialty of Quang Ngai as a gift for relatives and friends.

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3. Don

The simple, rustic don dish is considered to be the most unique dish in Quang Nam cuisine, this sophisticated dish is prepared without duplication with any dishes. Grilled rice paper and rum are the perfect pair of dishes, add a bit of grilled crispy, crispy sweet, served with only natural chili, no one can refuse this Quang Ngai delicacy. The appeal of the dish is the rich flavor of these two shells. Don dish is a rustic, simple dish like the people in Quang Ngai who are honest, honest and affectionate.

4. Candy mirror

Referring to Quang Ngai cuisine, people immediately associate with the special candy of Quang Ngai. Mirror candy is a dish with delicious, sweet, fleshy and fatty dishes that diners will ever enjoy you will remember forever. The name of the candy comes from the clarity of the candy, the transparent color like glass with a bit of yellow of peanuts and the white of sesame seeds, creating an overall unique and attractive dish in terms of color and flavor. . The delicious food of Quang Ngai is extremely diverse, rich in which mirror candy is a cheap specialty gift when traveling to Quang Ngai. You can find this candy in all the grocery stores in Quang Ngai market, and Quang Trung Street, do not forget to explore Quang Ngai cuisine.