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Hello everyone! We are Humpine. We love creating essential things for all people, all ages across the globe. Humpine’s products include quilts, shoes, bags, doormats, etc.

Chicken in Hong Kong culture is an animal that has many special things to talk about. It's not just a kind of pet or livestock, in our culture, Chicken is one of 12 animals of New Year Holiday. With Hong Kong people, Chicken is loved by their hard work, agility as well as the gentle personality associated with the farmers.

Since then, Humpine has created the quilt with the main motif of chicken. You can see all the unique and elaborate chicken quilts at our website.

Humpine Chicken quiltsare particularly suitable for animal lovers who want to find a beautiful product that works to keep you super cozy. We offer all the sizes - from Queen to California King Quilts. And the design options are where the magic happens. We’re having a load of possibilities for you and also providing a worldwide shipping service. If you have any question, please send us an email, you can see our information at the bottom of the website.