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Bio Statement So, it's safe to say, that Hollywood stars know a FloraSpring few thing the average person doesn't know. The stars are immersed in a culture that makes it their topic of conversation what the latest techniques are for preserving and improving their looks and physiques.So, what's their basic secret that you can put into practice to look and be your best?A surprising number of top Hollywood and other celebrities are vegetarians or vegans. Meat and dairy products are loaded with fat and toxic pesticide, herbicide, hormone, and antibiotic residues. So, the last thing the stars want is to eat foods that make them fat and have been found to promote cancer.The stars have known this basic fact for years. A long list of the heavy-duty thinkers and cultural leaders have seen that a predominantly plant-based diet makes the most sense for health and good nutrition. Here is a short list of vegetarian or vegan celebrities you may have heard of: Paula Abdul, Bryan Adams, Christina Aguilera, Kim Alexis, Pamela Anderson, Fiona Apple, Alec Baldwin, Dr. Dre, Brigitte Bardot, Kim Bassinger, Christie Brinkley, Mick Jagger, Cher, Chelsea Clinton, Penelope Cruz -- and the list goes on and on and on. They Say, "We Are What We Eat" -- And It Shows! Much depends on the social and cultural environment you live in. The average person in America is surrounded by advertising urging them to partake of juicy meats, delicious desserts, and to consume just about anything that strikes their fancy. That's what the people they know are doing -- and few of us like to stand apart from the crowd.