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The Spanish Journal of Comparative Education (Revista Española de Educación Comparada, REEC), was created in 1995 with the aim and vocation of serving as scientific publication of the members of the Spanish Society of Comparative Education (Sociedad Española de Educación Comparada, SEEC). The REEC is, nevertheless, naturally widely open to the contributions of all those comparatists, Spanish or foreign, that wish to diffuse the results of their most recent analysis and researches.

The REEC displays a regularity of two volumes per year. The REEC includes a number of sections, among which its Monographic section is particularly relevant. This section represents the main part of each volume, and it is devoted to a specific theme, particularly relevant to the field of Comparative Education in each contemporary moment. Apart from the Monographic section, the REEC displays in its structure  a second section named Analysis and Researches, in which they have space those articles which, without a direct thematic relation with the Monographic section, deserve to be included in the journal, due to their theoretical novelty or relevance. In addition to these two sections, which occupy the most part of the extension of the journal, in some volumes there are two more sections. One of them is devoted to the (basically legislative) documentation on the educational reforms that are being approved in the different countries. The fourth section is consecrated to the critical review of bibliographic novelties, which aims to reflect the most recent publications in the field of Comparative Education in the moment of publication of each volume of the Journal.

The REEC is jointly published and edited by the UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia) and by the SEEC. The REEC trusts in serving and contributing to the development of this scientific interdisciplinary area and aims to contribute to the better knowledge by the Spanish professional pedagogues, of the educational realities which surround us, in a world increasingly global in which mutual knowledge is ever more essential. The REEC offers its pages and invites to contribute on them to all those that, sharing its curiosities, are indeed concerned about the opening in Spain an increasing wider horizon to the comparative and international analysis.




News: REEC 29 is now available


The new issue of the Spanish Journal of Comparative Education is now available, which includes a monographic section entitled "Vocational Education and Training. An International Perspective".
Posted: 2017-06-01

News: FECYT Quality Seal

The "Revista Española de Educación Comparada" obtained in 2016 the seal of quality of the FECYT in the V call for evaluation of the editorial and scientific quality of the Spanish scientific journals.  
Posted: 2017-01-25
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No 29 (2017): (january-june): Vocational Education and Training. An International Perspective

Full Issue

View or download the full issue PDF (Español)

Table of Contents

MONOGRAPHIC SECTION: Vocational Education and Training An International Perspective

Research Landscapes in Vocational Education and Training (VET). National Enquiries and Cross-National Concerns PDF
Lázaro Moreno Herrera 11-14
Exploring Agency, Learning and Identity in Women’s Life Trajectories in UK and Italy PDF
Karen Evans, Chiara Biasin 15-32
German Transplant Companies in China: How do Companies Solve the Problem of Skill Formation at the Shop-Floor Level? PDF
Larissa Freund, Michael Gessler 33-43
Emotional Capital: the Set of Emotional Competencies as Professional and Vocational Skills in Emotional Works and Jobs PDF
Bénédicte Gendron 44-61
Developing Knowledge through Different Spaces in Work-Related Settings: Insights from the UK PDF
Natasha Kersh 62-75
Integrated Content and Language Learning as a New Challenge of Vocational Training. Experiences from Public Funded Qualification Programs in the Health Care Sector in Germany PDF
Nicole Kimmelmann 76-94
Implementation of Dual Apprenticeship Structures in German Plants Abroad: Boundary Objects in Educational Transfer PDF
Susanne Kopatz, Michael Gessler 95-109
Educating Judgment. Learning from the didactics of philosophy and sloyd PDF
Birgit Schaffar, Camilla Kronqvist 110-128
Apprenticeship contract termination and dropout from VET: a comparison of educational-political challenges and strategies in Norway and Switzerland PDF
Evi Schmid 129-147
Challenges of development work: Instrumentality and constellation of rules as conceptual resources PDF
Marianne Teräs 148-159
Complex transitions between different learning contexts: a case study from a French vocational school PDF
Laurent Veillard 160-178
From coal to knowledge: A history of the VET policies in the European Union PDF
Carlos de Olagüe Smithson 179-201


Segmentation and education systems: an analysis through the comparison of changes towards secondary education in Europe and Latin America PDF (Español)
Felicitas Acosta 202-219
Civic education and citizenship education in Mexico: a global and comparative perspective PDF (Español)
Armando Alcántara Santuario 220-239
History of Education after Bologna process: towards extinction? PDF (Español)
Antonio Francisco Canales Serrano, Yasmina Álvarez González, María José Tacoronte Domínguez 240-261
Two strategies towards a change in public teachers` labour regulations: recent educative reforms in México and Ecuador PDF (Español)
Rosa García-Chediak 262-281
The socio-historical approach in mapping Comparative Education. Review and revaluation of its postulates PDF (Español)
Luján Lázaro Herrero 282-296
Student mobility in the process of internationalization. Methodological strategies PDF (Español)
Estela Maricela Villalón de la Isla 297-314


REVIEW of: DA CUNHA, C.; VIEIRA DE SOUSA, J.; y ABÁDIA DA SILVA, M. (Org.) (2016): Internacionalização da educação: Discursos, práticas e reflexos sobre as políticas educativas (Belo Horizonte: Fino Traço Editora), 296 pp. ISBN: 978-85-8054-282-0 PDF (Español)
Víctor González López 315-318
REVIEW of: INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE EVALUACIÓN EDUCATIVA (2016): Panorama de la educación 2016. Indicadores de la OCDE. Informe español (Madrid, Secretaría General Técnica). ISBN: 978-84-369-5710-5 PDF (Español)
Boxi Ma 319-322
REVIEW of: FERNÁNDEZ-SORIA, J.M.; LÓPEZ, M.; CRUZ, J.I.; BASCUÑÁN, J.; MENGUAL, S.; GARCÍA, S.; LLORET, C.; y GRAU, R. (EDS.) (2016): La formación inicial del profesorado de educación secundaria (Valencia: Tirant Humanidades). ISBN: 978-84-16556-67-0 PDF (Español)
David Revesado Carballares 323-325