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by Ashley Swenson (2020-06-02)

Being assigned to write an assignment on sociology, most students usually think about society. They are right as society is one of the objects for sociology research. Still, there are a lot of other ideas students may consider while writing an assignment on sociology or organizing c homework help.

With this in mind, let us say a few words about famous people who connected their lives to science and remained true to their sociological convictions to the end. We are glad to offer you some ideas about famous people you can mention in your assignment on sociology.

assignment on sociology: Great people in the field of discussion

Students can discuss Friedrich Engels’ ideas in the sociological science. Students should take one of his books and dwell upon it. Socialism: Utopian and Scientific (1880) is one of his major works.
Gerald L. Eberlein is another German sociologist who can be the center of the discussion in students’ assignment on sociology. One of the most famous works he has written is Theoretische Soziologie heute (Theoretic sociology today).
Students can dwell upon John Keith Irwin as the representative of American sociologists. assignment on sociology can be focused on American prison system he had evaluated.
Writing assignment on sociology, students cannot avoid a personality of Ferdinand Tönnies, a founder of German sociology. It is a good idea to discuss his article The Present Problems of Social Structure in students’ assignment on sociology.

Sociological disasters and the person who researched them, Kai Theodor Erikson, can become a field of interest for students. To use the examples and information to support the discussion in assignment on sociology, students should consider his book Everything in Its Path.