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Who can edit Wikipedia pages and what gets approved?

by Holly Francis (2019-03-28)

The site allows every visitor to edit the information and that is probably what makes it an exceptionally large online encyclopedia. Since different volunteers volunteer the information on the site, it is available for every visitor free of cost. Anyone who can access the site can edit it and add more information that is valuable. This policy of allowing every passerby to edit the information would have a disaster if there were not any policies that are set by the site to keep the information valuable.

Wikipedia has made rules that prevent incorrect information and has very strict policies that have to be followed in order to get approvals for edits. Following the rules is the key factor in making an edit approvable. In case, someone adds a piece of information that does not belong to the site because of its policies, and it gets somehow approved, the random visitors are provided with the rights to edit it or tag it for deletion. This is why anyone who is planning on editing a page of Wikipedia should consider knowing all the rules that are imposed by the site to keep the information credible and authentic.

Wikipedia’s policies are designed to make sure that the information on the site is correct, unbiased, and non-promotional. The site does not accept any promotional content including ads and is run by a non-profit organization, Wikipedia Foundation. So businesses and professionals cannot maintain any promotional tone on their official Wikipedia pages. This is a major reason why many businesses and professionals opt for Wikipedia page creation services and professional editors to avoid errors in the content.

Other than that, any edits or articles that are submitted on Wikipedia needs to have plenty of reference links and citations for every idea that they present. Professional writers and Wikipedia page creation service providers know the method for citations that is recommended by Wikipedia. Moreover, no original concepts are allowed to be published without any proper pieces of evidence to prove them. Moreover, the tone for editing needs to be kept neutral. No politically charged terminologies should be written without explanation. No abstract ideas are acceptable either.