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Best Wedding Card Guides

by Debbra Biehl (2020-03-18)

When planning a wedding there is no end to the details the bride is expected to take care of. Shopping for the perfect wedding invitations that set the tone for the big event should be a pleasurable experience. Today's brides can now enjoy purchasing their perfect wedding invitation card invitations online without ever having to leave home. To insure your printed invitations are exactly what you had hoped for, here are several tips to consider when ordering your wedding invitations online.

Selection. A thumbnail image will tell you much about the invitation you are viewing but in addition remember to read the fine print. Review the description for more detailed information. For example, your computer monitor may appear to be one color but the description will often explain the color you are seeing in more detail. This may mean the main difference between receiving a white invitation and an ecru one. Locate a site that includes a feature to zoom in or enlarge areas on your screen to show more detail.

Craftsmanship. Do a bit of research to find out just how your invitations will be made. Will they be elegantly printed by a process called thermography which allows you to feel the raised lettering? Is there an assurance against defects in craftsmanship? Unique and elegant invitations are available online with embossed details, die cut specialty features as well as a number of ink colors. The workmanship should be guaranteed.

Proofing. Online proofing is a great feature. It enables you to see how the printed invitation can look before you decide to even place your order. Make certain you very carefully review the on-line proof. Should the invitations you get match the proof you approved, any errors in printing will be at your expense. You may also want to consider receiving a genuine printed proof for review. There is normally a charge due to this service but it should be offered as an option.

Samples. You could want to hold an invitation within your hands to see exactly what it looks like before you place your order as well as to feel the paper and confirm the stock and chosen ink color. For unique invitations you may want to see exactly how the die cut works or embossing feels. Because of this you will need to be able to order actual samples for review. When selecting your online supplier, make certain they offer this service at no additional charge. A great supplier should be happy to offer samples of their work for your consideration.

Pricing. By ordering your invitations online you can very easily and quickly compare pricing between several designs that you like. Also look for quantity price breaks. You might only need to order several extra invitations to pay less overall. Make sure your custom imprinted verse and personalization is included within the base price and not an additional charge. Also confirm that envelopes are included. Online invitations are affordable and may allow you the option to order something just a bit more special and still stay within your budget.

Delivery. As soon as you have made your selection you will look forward to receiving your finished product. The site should be able to give you an notion of whenever you might expect your shipment. Of course it really is impossible to give an exact date, but a fairly accurate estimation of production turnaround should be available before you place your order. Confirm that you also have options in how they may be shipped. Is ground the norm? Are faster alternatives available? You will have to allow time for you to receive your invitations and acquire them mailed six to eight weeks prior to the wedding, so plan accordingly.

Customer support. Your wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding and should be precisely what you had hoped for. To insure that your purchasing experience is pleasant, exceptional customer support should be available. Confirm that the online company you hope to order from provides best in class customer support. Can they be contacted via e-mail, fax and smartphone? Are customer service professionals available when you have questions? Is there a live person you may speak to? Do those professionals know their products and what is involved with planning a wedding?

Ordering wedding invitations online should be a fun experience. You as well as your fiancé, mother or bridesmaids can all help in the selection process if you want, without trips to a retailer or perhaps the inclusion of a middle-man markup. You can select from hundreds of designs all at the click of a button. With a bit of background research, finding a web page you may trust and ordering your wedding stationery online should be among the easiest decisions you make while you plan your perfect wedding.