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Review of Galaxy Z Flip claims its screen isn't made of glass

by Weldon Bills (2020-03-09)

Samsung's new foldable Galaxy Z Flip smartphone has come under fire yet again over the durability of the handset. 

One noted reviewer posted a video on YouTube where he claims it does not have a glass screen as advertised.

YouTuber Jerry Rig Everything, who performs durability tests on newly-released phones, found the surface became scratched from a fingernail. 

He also called into question the legibility of Samsung's 'glass screen' claims.  

Scroll down for video 

Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip (pictured) was the first product announced at Samsung's 'Unpacked' product event on Tuesday and 예쁜 소품 comes with several new tricks, including the ability to fold and stay at 90-degrees for a hands-free experience

His video review shows the screen's sensitivity to pressure, including lasting damage from finger marks and open flames. These would not appear on glass but did show up on the Z Flip.