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Excellent Productivity Tool Options

by Veronica Alston (2020-03-06)

Managing time effectively is one of the biggest challenges managers face today. Whenever we conduct workshops for them, one of the critical tips that we provide them with is to use templates.

1517c577208787.5c80d4ae34164.pngThis applies for e-mail formats which they normally use often times, for periodic reports that they need, team induction as well as in making presentations.

Once we do the exact same task over and over again, it is important to reduce the time that such a task takes. The best way to reduce the time and ensure consistency in results is to use templates - or ready-formats.

The way to go about this is to list down the activities which you perform frequently. Let me take the example of presentations. If you're a middle/senior level manager who makes presentations regularly, you may need to make certain points over as well as over again. Take the case of a periodic report that you'll need to present. While the numbers and analysis may change, the main content remains the same.

You can break-down your periodic report presentation into components like:

Executive summary of performance
Bar graph that shows performance in period
Individual performance breakup
Achievement Highlights
List and status of new activities implemented within the period
Issues and proposed action for next period

Once you have these presentation template slides in place, you may just reuse the slide template every time by filling within the updated details. This sort of template has the following benefits:

It saves time because you do not need to rethink the content every time
It ensures that you do not miss out any points in a hurry
You may get this content filled in by somebody else
As soon as you have an excellent flow for your content, you're able to retain it time after time.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to having templates. You may create templates like this for yourself or buy it online. Readymade presentation templates are available online on various sites. Such presentation templates may be created for other types of presentations like new business proposal, merchandise pitches, board meeting presentations, strategy presentations and marketing presentations.

You may also create templates like this for other tasks like team productivity induction. A standard process flow for inducting a brand new member in the team for example can be created. Once the person joins, everybody in your team will be aware of what needs to be done. This saves time as well as the effort of rethinking.