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Did life on earth begin in the ocean

by Alina Ferrer (2020-03-05)

Its really depends on what kind of life you are talking about, because life in the ocean is still life on earth.

If you are referring to life in the sea, then it's yes. If it's about life on land, then it's no.

The life on land started on land, and life in the ocean started in the ocean.

Where did life begin on earth?
It is currently believed that life on Earth began in the oceans at hydrothermal vents, mid-ocean ridges, and/or in the photic zone.

share: Where do ocean currents begin?
Ocean currents are caused by wind, solar heating, gravity, and the rotation of the earth.

share: What would happen if there was no ocean ocean?
There would be no life on earth.

share: Why did life begin in the ocean and not on land?
maybe it has more watwe

share: Where on earth does the day begin?
The International Date line in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

share: Where did life on earth begin?
in the seas and oceans

share: What is the definition of scientific question?
The definition of a scientific question is a question that can be answered using experimentation and factual reasoning. Some examples are: What is the universe made of? How did life on earth begin? What is consciousness? What is at the bottom of the ocean?

share: 에그벳 Did life begin at the bottom of the ocean?
The currently held belief is that there is a good chance that life originated at the bottom of the ocean at mid-ocean ridges (where ocean crust is spreading apart) or at hydrothermal vents. Also, the photic zone in the ocean is a possibility for the birthplace of life that has not been discounted.

share: Can ocean life be dangerous?
Ocean life can be very dangerous because of sharks or squids/octopuses and dangerous fish or changes in they earth

share: Where did homosexuality begin?
Homosexuality began wherever life on Earth began. Homosexuality began with the dawn of animal life on Earth.

share: Which planet has the only planet with ocean and life?
Earth (obviously).

share: List of 5 plant life in pacific ocean?
The five plant life that the Pacific Ocean has include coral reefs, giant kelp, seaweed, sea cabbage and gulfweed. The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean on Earth.

share: When did evolution begin for humans?
Evolution does not begin or stop. It has been acting since the dday life began on Earth.

share: What is the Sant Ocean Hall about in the Museum of Natural History?
its about the earth and ocean life. You can see animals and really explore.

share: Where did life evolve on Earth?
It evolved in the oceans....there probably is a specific ocean or part of an ocean but that would be impossible to locate.

share: What is the area of land ocean and air in which life is found on earth?
The biosphere.

share: Why do fewer plants survive in the ocean than on land?
The question makes no sense: 2/3 of the Earth is water, the majority of that is ocean. 90% of all life on Earth currently lives in the ocean. Plants represent life. This is not a faulty syllogism, it is a logical track. There are species of plants in the ocean that have not even been cataloged yet.

share: When did life first begin?
There is evidence of life on Earth since around 3.7 billion years ago.

share: Why has life become possible only on the Earth?
Life formed on earth because the conditions were right for life to begin and evolve. While some think that life (as we know it) is only possible on our earth, others think that somewhere, in the vastness of the Universe, life on a similar planet to earth must exist.

share: Why is the ocean deep?
the ocean is deep because that is the shape of the earth and although we are not sure how deep the ocean is we do know that there is life in the deep. the ocean has made itself deep but there is really no cause that is known.

share: When did plant life begin to appear on Earth?
Plants have been around on the Earth since the Cambrian part of the Palenzonic Era.

share: How do the moon and earth interact?
The moon stabilizes the tilt of the earth. It also pulls on the oceans of the earth, which creates tides. If there were no tides, oceans on earth would stagnate, and ocean life and plants would die. Ocean plants are responsible for a large percentage of oxygen production on earth.

share: Where is warm air rising on the Earth?
Warm air is rising all around on earth. However, particularly, the warm air tends to begin rising near the ocean front.

share: How many years ago did life begin in the Ocean?
3.5 billion years ago is the oldest direct evidence for life on Earth. Direct evidence is found in 3.5-billion-year-old cherts (rocks deposited in the ocean) in which several microorganisms have been identified. These microogranisms are much like cyanobacteria which is found in abundance throughout the Earth today. 3.8 billion years ago is the oldest indirect evidence for life on Earth. Indirect evidence is found in 3.8-billion-year-old banded iron deposits (chert) which contain a Carbon 13... Read More

share: What is in the Earth's Biosphere?
The biosphere is the sphere or area around the planet Earth where life exists. All life on earth, including the birds in the sky, and the fish in the ocean are in earth's biosphere.

share: Did the first life forms on earth live on land?
No, the first life forms were single celled organisms that lived in the ocean.

share: What has been on earth longer cockroaches or sharks?
Sharks. Life began in the ocean, not on the land.

share: Name 2 things that the ocean currents affect on earth?
climate marine life

share: What is Oceanography?
Answer The study of the earth's oceans and their basins, I think... mabe it's the study of ocean-life? Oceanography is a branch of Earth science. This is the study of the ocean.

share: When did animal life begin?
Should be a few hundred years after the Earth was fully formed. I think.

share: What would happen to life on earth if the sunlight were blocked from the earth surface?
It would all die - except for the hot spots in the ocean deeps.

share: Is earth is on the ocean or the ocean is on the earth?
thay are on earth

share: Evidence for the history of changing life forms on earth is most often found in?
deep oceans because people throw most of there important stuuf in the ocean and so life forms on earth.

share: Words that have to do with the ocean that begin with e?
Eels are ocean animals. They begin with the letter e.

share: Benefits that you can get from ocean?
without the ocean, life on earth would not be sustainable. therefor, there are many benefits from the ocean such as a vast ecosystem of fish that we eat, water that if is clean is drinkable, oil, swimming etc...

share: Once the world comes to an end will life have to start the process all over again or will roaches and other lower life forms become the only life in earth?
I believe life will begin on mars. And earth will turn into a planet like mars. as earth is moving closer to the sun. No, read a bible dude!

share: What is the percentage of animals living in the ocean?
The oceans are estimated to accumulate for 50-80% of all life on earth

share: What will happen to earth if we do not stop global warming?
The Earth will begin to overheat, interrupting the delicate balance of life. This will begin to obliterate life as we know it. When it temperature gets too extreme, the Earth will fight back by rapidly cooling the Earth in some way, possibly by the Earth's great air conditioners called hurricanes. This rapid cooling will result in a VERY cold ice age. By this time, there will be almost no life on Earth. The resulting ice... Read More

share: What are the sciences that are in earth science?
The category's that are in Earth Science are as follows: Meteorology: The study of weather. Oceanography: The study of the ocean and marine life. Geography: The study of Earth. Astronomy: The study of space.

share: Is there ocean life where lava meets ocean?
Yes, there are actually thriving communities of organisms that thrive in those specific areas. They eat the chemicals that are released from the inside of the Earth.

share: Is the Atlantic ocean the largest on earth?
No. The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean on Earth.

share: Mention importance of ocean?
One importance of the ocean to mention is that the ocean is the repository, holding tank, and filtration center for the worlds water. If the ocean disappeared, it would be a matter of days before all other life on earth vanished also.

share: According to the scientific view about how many years ago did life on earth begin?
3.5 billion years ago

share: What percent of animals species live in the ocean?
The oceans are estimated to accumulate for 50-80% of all life on earth.

share: Scentists have discovered that life forms on Earth exists where?
Under the ocean and in caves, and deep inside solid rock.

share: What is the SECOND coldest ocean on earth?
The second coldest ocean on Earth is the Atlantic Ocean

share: Why did ocean pollution happen?
Simply because people decided that they suddenly didnt have enough time to care about earth and not use the trash cans and recycling bins. So the begin to throw trash onto earth and the sea.

share: Where do warm ocean currents begin?
the surface of the ocean

share: What will life be like on earth when your star changes into a red giant?
There will be no life on Earth and possible no Earth. As the sun expands the amount of light and heat reaching Earth will increase many times and Earth will becomes extremely hot. The entire surface of the planet will become an ocean of lava. It is likely that the sun will eventually expand enough to consume and destroy Earth.

share: What is the four oceans of the Earth?
The four ocean's of the earth are : * The Indian Ocean, * The Atlantic Ocean, * The Pacific Ocean, * The Arctic Ocean

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