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Who is smarter a Korean or Chinese? -

by Terrence Begum (2020-01-20)


652860_ocean-wallpapers-android-apps-andCan Chinese become a Korean singer?
Yes they can. In the Korean group miss A, there are two Chinese people. In another Korean group, f(x) there is two Chinese people (one is currently not there). So you can be a Korean singer if you're Chinese.

Are Japanese or Korean from Chinese?
Korean were from Chinese but Japanese are mixed of other migration.

Are Korean people actually Chinese?
Genetically, yes. Korean are derived from Chinese.

Who was forced to retreat to Taiwan the Korean Nationalists the Korean Communists the Chinese Nationalist or the Chinese Communist?
Chinese Nationalists who were led by Chiang Kai-shek.

What outside influences affected the development of the Korean languauge?
Since Korea was derived from China, Chinese had heavy impact on Korean. Korean had used Chinese character, and more than 70% of words came from Chinese.

What is the differences between Chinese New Year and Korean New Year?
They are same substantially. Korean new year is the word that Korean call the Chinese new year.

Are Koreans Chinese?
Genetically, yes. Korean were derived from Chinese.

Is amber from fx a full Korean?
no she is not full Korean. she is Chinese American.

Who was Chinese leader during the Korean war?
The Chinese leader during the Korean war was Chairman of the Communist Party Mao ZiDong.

What is the difference between Korean new year and the Chinese New Year?
Korean new year is same as Chinese New Year

When did Chinese troops enter the Korean War to help north Koreans?
Chinese troops entered the Korean War about December 1950

How did general mac Arthur misjudge the Chinese during the Korean war?
His intelligence failed to note the Chinese military build up on the Chinese side of the North Korean border........

How did the Korean start?
Korea was started as Chinese moved and settled in Korean peninsula.

What did Americans do during the Korean war?
fought North Korean and Chinese troops

Should you learn Korean or Chinese?
Chinese is more widely spoken.

Is the Korean language more like Japanese or Chinese?
Question: Is the Korean language more similar to Japanese or Chinese? Answer: Well Korean sounds like Japanese at times, however i think the language maybe more like Chinese but not necceserily the sound of it.

Is Nichkhun Korean?
No, he is Thai and Chinese.

Is Taeyang Chinese?
Nope, he is Korean.

Chinese involvement during Korean War?
The Chinese involvement during the Korean War was helping North Korea mainly because it was a communism nation.

Is Korean related to Chinese?
No. Korean is either classified as a language isolate or Altaic. Chinese languages all belong to the Sino-Tibetan family of languages.

What is the difference between Hangul and Hanja?
Hanja, is the Korean name for Chinese characters. It refers to those Chinese characters borrowed from Chinese and incorporated into the Korean language with Korean pronunciation. Hangul, is the native alphabet of the Korean language. It was created in the mid-fifteenth century, and is now the official script of both North and 중년 여성 South Korea.

Korean ruler who replaced the Chinese writing system with a Korean alphabet?
Sejong the great

What are Korean people?
Korean people are people who originate in Korea. They look like Chinese.

What is the difference between Classical Korean and Sino Korean and when did the two classes of Korean separate?
Sino Korean is based off of Chinese while "Classical Korean" or Pure Korean is as its name says.

What country influenced language in Korea?
Since Korea were derived from China, Korean language are heavily influenced by Chinese. Korean had used Chinese character and more than 70% of words came from Chinese.

Is the name Quan Korean?
No, Quan is Chinese.

What peninsula did Chinese settle in?
Korean peninsula

How many Chinese and North Korean people died in the Korean War?
An estimate of 10 million.

What is the difference between Chinese and Korean new year?
Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China, with the festivities lasting for 15 days. Korean New Year is same as Chinese New Year.

How did the Chinese and the Koreans influence Japan culture?
Japanese culture was blended with Chinese and Korean culture. Chinese adopted budhism from India which was later spread to Japan. Korean influence can be seen in Japanese paintings and architecture.

How do you write Olivia in Korean?
Korean: 올리비아 Japanese: オリビア Chinese (simplified): 奥利维亚 Chinese (traditional): 奧利維亞

Why is it said that the Chinese were inventive rather than a practical people?
because they were smarter

Are Chinese the smartest people on earth?
No! An American could easily be smarter! You are a PESSIMIST!

Is it easier to learn Japanese or Korean?
For Chinese people, Japanese characters are easier to learn and understand, because a lot of them come from old Chinese words. On the other hand, Korean and Chinese share a similar grammar system.

How many Chinese people died in the Korean war?
See website: "Korean War" for those statistics.

How do you say math in Korean?
sue-hawp, sorta (is there a pinyin for Korean (pinyin is the English pronunciation of chinese))

How is the Korean alphabet different from Chinese writing?
Korean uses an alphabet composed of letters that represent sounds. Chinese uses picture-writing, where each symbol represents a concept.

Why is Chinese culture so similar to Japanese and Korean culture?
Korea was a country settled by Chinese and part of China from beginning, so most of Korean culture were not different than mainland Chinese culture. Chinese culture also spread to Japan through Korea.

Can you learn Japanese Korean and Chinese?
Sure, why not? Sure, why not? :)

What ethnicity is the last name Lee?
Chinese and Korean

Does Nichkhun have any Korean blood?
No, he is Thai and Chinese.

Is Jonghyun from SHINee Chinese?
Nope. He's korean.

What was korean society strongly influenced by?
Chinese culture

What is the origin of Korean traditional music?
Chinese music

What is the variety of cultures in Asia?
japanese korean chinese

What kind of music do the Chinese listen to?
Chinese popular music, American music, Korean music,

What is a Korean hanbok?
Hanbok is a Korean traditional clothes derived from Chinese traditional clothes called Hanfu. Han means Chinese people, and bok means clothes in Korean. Both Hanbok and Hanfu are very similar, but Hanbok is more simplicity

Who was the Chinese Prime Minister during the Korean War?
Zhou En-lai (周恩来 in Chinese) was the Prime Minister of the People's Republic of China during the Korean War.

What country wears a Hanbok?
Hanbok is a korean traditional clothes derived from Chinese traditional clothes called Hanfu. Han means Chinese people, and bok means clothes in Korean.

What do the Koreans speak?
Koreans speak and write Korean. Korean language rank top 20 widely spoken languages around the world. Korean is spoken by 88 million Koreans living and working around the world. Korean is written in alphabet based language similar to English. Korean language is very scientific and practical language. Korean language contains ( 70 percent native Korean, 30 percent Chinese loanwords written in Korean not Chinese).

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