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Sabung Ayam Online S128

by nagabola okebrooo (2019-10-06)

In response to Custom Cabinets Vs. Do-it-yourself Projects

Now after a little briefing about Sabung Ayam S128 online cockfighting and our Nagahoki online s128 cockfighting agent, let's now we just go straight to the topic of our main review of the Guide to Playing Cockfighting Online at Agent S128, ok let's look at the same review this is this.

In online cockfighting matches or s128 cockfighting games we will often watch the game through a live stream that is broadcast live on the cockfight arena that is being in the Philippines. and for playing game techniques Live streaming cockfight online is also very easy to understand and play.

Because the way to play is very similar to the Baccarat casino game, like you play Banker (for red chicken), and Player (for Blue chicken) and Tie / Series (for series color).

Some of the terms that exist in the game cockfighting online at Agen Sabung Ayam S128:

  • Choice of the First Bet Type of Meron / Red / Banker Chickens or Choose Wala / Blue Chickens / Player, or BDD or FTD.
  • BDD (Second series of dead chickens) in other words both chickens are determined to die together before the FULL 10 minute competition period. If the match result is determined by BBD, then all Wala and Meron bets will be reversed.
  • FTD in other words The two chickens are determined to have no winner alias in a series of 10 minutes (FULL TIME). If FTD is determined then Wala, Meron and BDD bets are considered Lose.
  • Every option has Odds / khei.
  • Red Odds / banker @ 0.78, in other words, if you bet 100,000, then the prize is 78,000. Blue Odds / player @ -0.94, in other words the value of Odds if you bet 100,000, if you win 100,000, if you lose 94,000.
  • BDD 8 means you bet 100,000 then the pay is 800,000 (classified as 100,000 capital). It is stated BDD when both chickens when chickens die together before Full Time (10 minutes).
  • FTD 88 means you bet 100,000 then the fee is 8.8 million (classified as 100,000 capital). Tie is stated when the two chickens when the chickens die together before Full Time (10 minutes).