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Where to Go Looking When You Have No Time to Waste?

by Rosie George (2019-09-19)

A source is anything from where you have derived content and information for your writing. A source could be a movie, online document, music, books or even a speech. Sources are segregated into two main components: primary source, where you collect the data by yourself through observations and experiments, hence this data has high credibility and reliability. Whereas a secondary source, is data which has already been researched upon and collected by another person e.g. magazines, journals or the internet. Moreover, there is one more type of source, a tertiary source, this source basically helps you pinpoint the content you are looking for e.g. indexes.

There are disparate avenues from which you can extract information. However, knowing which source will yield you want kind of data is also crucial. Your job is not to overfill your document with an abundance of frivolous information rather it is to convey your thoughts in the shortest possible manner.

These sources will ensure that you gain solid and substantial writing pieces

v  Magazines: Magazines usually have generic details on any particular subject, even though it doesn’t provide the specifics, but in any case, it does lend you the gist of the subject.

v  Journals: Journals present you with objective and scientific details which are written by professionals for their concerned field.

v  Internet Resources: This is the most feasible and favoured option. With a click away, you can access millions of resources from around the world.

v  Empirical Studies: This type of study is categorised into primary data, where data is collected by conducting observations and experiments.

v  Learned/ Intellectual People: Asking questions from people you think should have a sound knowledge of a particular field. 

v  Newspaper Excerpts: Newspapers carry nits and bits which can be incorporated in a creative manner into your writing.

v  Reference Books:  Make use of specialised encyclopaedias, which will provide you the backdrop for your writing. E.g. A Law encyclopaedia will help you in writing a general initial paragraph for your Law assignment. 

v  Library: If you are aware of authors who have written books on the genre or category you are researching, then head straight away to a local library. Certain libraries have their books stacked on the internet as e-books, therefore make use of that.

v  CITATIONS: Use direct quotations or use borrowed ideas, but try not be overindulgent on citations and source material. Also make sure to avoid plagiarism.

Not All Is As It Seems:

There are certain drawbacks of using Internet resources such as Wikis. Wikis can be edited by anyone hence it doesn’t make the information present in them credible or reliable.


It is imperative to comb through information and find details which are most apt for your essays and assignments. Having irrelevant and immaterial details ends up portraying you as less knowledgeable, ignorant and ill-formed. Therefore, keep searching through sources in order to end up with an outstanding writing piece.

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Re: Where to Go Looking When You Have No Time to Waste?

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