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One Stop Solution For Your All Legal Problems - T&S Associates Law Firm in Iran

by Lonnie O'Ferrall (2020-09-22)

The most established unmistakable global law office in Iran, T&S was set up in the mid 1960s when its establishing accomplices began the firm as a unincorporated expert relationship by the name of Ghani & Tavakoli. After the 1979 Revolution, the association's name changed to Tavakoli & Shahabi. In 2013, the firm was enrolled under the style of T&S Associates taking after the end of one of its establishing accomplices, Dr Mehran Tavakoli, and the retirement of the other name accomplice.

Throughout the years, T&S has grown long-standing and close proficient relations with law and inspecting firms of most elevated notoriety in the significant business and monetary revolves the world over. The company's customers portfolio keeps on including the most conspicuous worldwide and multinational saving money, corporate and different worries from around the world working together in or with Iran.

In the course of recent decades, the Iranian legitimate and business environment has experienced exceptionally significant changes; in the course of recent decades, such changes have turned into a steady that the business group and the lawful calling have needed to oblige.

The firm has made it a point to keep completely side by side of these fast advancements all through the previous years and on occasion extremely troublesome periods without risking our uncompromising duty to protecting the hobbies of our customers, to the nature of legitimate work We are not a law firm give, to the expeditiousness in taking care of the needs of our customers, and to equipped guiding.

These standards have permitted us to assemble and combine the association's notoriety for being the most seasoned and one of the not very many staying settled and conspicuous Iranian law offices practicing, and giving prevalent legitimate administrations and help, in transnational business matters. As before, responsibility, capability, better quality and immediacy will proceed than remain the signs of our execution for the testing times ahead.

The firm specializes in legal matters in the English and Persian dialects, involves expense workers conversant in no less than two dialects with individuals taught and prepared in different wards, having worked in various nations and acquainted with distinctive lawful frameworks. International Law firm in iran.

- The oldest prominent international law firm in Iran providing top quality legal services in Iran. T&S was established in the early 1960s when its founding partners started the firm as an unincorporated professional association by the name of Ghani & Tavakoli.