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The truck driver at the centre of a horrific crash that left four police officers dead says he was avoiding a 'witch' when he swerved across several lanes of a

by Aidan Lascelles (2020-08-19)

The truck driver at the centre of a horrific crash that left four police officers dead says he was avoiding a 'witch' when he swerved across several lanes of a Melbourne freeway and ploughed into them. 

Mohinder Singh, 47, has been receiving psychiatric treatment at Melbourne Assessment Prison since the tragedy unfolded on the Eastern Freeway at Kew on April 22.

Leading Senior Constable Lynnette Taylor, Senior Constable Kevin King and constables Glen Humphris and Josh Prestney all died at the scene.

They had pulled over a Porsche 911 and were in the process of impounding the car after its driver, Richard Pusey, was allegedly clocked at 149km/h and tested positive for drugs.  

The truck slammed into the back of a highway patrol car and into the officers at 100km/h, with Singh suffering a medical episode that saw him black out after impact. 

He has been charged with culpable driving causing the deaths of the four officers. 

Singh is understood to have a pre-existing mental health issue, with a prison source telling the the father-of-two was suffering anxiety and panic attacks in custody. 

Mohinder Singh claimed he swerved into the emergency lane on Melbourne's Eastern Freeway to avoid hitting a witch before smashing into four police officers

Four officers were killed when Singh's refrigeration truck crashed into their highway patrol car on April 22

'He is an unwell man,' the source said.

Texas Auto Accidents Injuries'He reported that he'd sighted a witch while he was driving and veered into the emergency lane.' 

Two ice pipes were allegedly found in his truck, but the results of his blood tests are yet to be revealed. 

On Tuesday afternoon, police stormed the offices of Connect Logistics, the trucking company Singh worked for, in the Riverstone Business Park in Sydney.

Officers from Victoria's Heavy Vehicle Unit Crime Investigation Unit raided its headquarters with NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Crash investigators, seizing documents including logbooks in the two raids.


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Police said no arrests were made, but the investigation is ongoing.

Searches were carried out on the same company in Croydon in Melbourne's east and Frankston in the city's south-east on April 27. 

Another warrant was executed in the neighbouring suburb of Kenthurst in Sydney's far north-western fringe.

Earlier this week, Singh said he was 'genuinely sorry and saddened' about the police officers' deaths through a statement released by his lawyer Steve Pica.

Police raided the offices of Connect Logistics - the company involved in a deadly crash on a Melbourne Freeway -  in Sydney's Riverstone Business Park (pictured)

Senior Constable Kevin King (pictured, far left), Constable Glen Humphris (second from left), Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor (second from right) and and Constable Josh Prestney (far right) all died in the crash

'Mr Singh is genuinely sorry and saddened that four people have lose their lives as a result of the collision,' the short statement from Mr Pica reads.

'He is acutely aware of the impact upon the families, friends and work colleagues of those that lost their lives.'

Singh didn't speak and had kept his head down when he faced the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday last week.  

The fallen officers were farewelled in private funeral services over the past week. 

Pusey, a 41-year-old Porsche fanatic, was charged with failing to give assistance at the scene of a crash, which carries up to 10 years' jail, along with driving and drug offences. 

The officers had pulled over Richard Pusey (pictured), who was allegedly speeding down the Eastern Freeway at 149km/h and tested positive for meth and marijuana