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The parents' guide to Easter on lockdown: Free things to do

by Carolyn Loveless (2020-05-10)

Usually a time for festivities, this year Easter weekend marks the end of the third week in lockdown and parents face the prospect of entertaining their children inside the house for the long weekend.

5052101180_935ea01e97.jpgTo help keep the whole family happy, FEMAIL has collated a range of free activities to do at home with your children, with the help of a range of experts. 

Cath Kidson revealed how to make your own Easter egg in three simple steps using a balloon, as well as how to bake biscuits and make your own bunny ears.

Meanwhile, in her book 101 Things For Kids to Do Screen Free, Dawn Isaac shares the fun things you can do in your garden or inside the house - including building a 'fairy home', creating a treasure hunt or playing Consequence.

And parents on Facebook groups including Extreme Couponing and Bargains revealed how you can temporarily dye your child's hair using water and the natural colour from crepe paper, while Babybel proved you can make a cute seasonal lamb using an old toilet roll... if you have one!

Elsewhere The Dad Lab revealed how you can use empty Babybel shells to create wax figures and boats. 

We round up the free and fun ways to make the most of your Easter weekend on lockdown. 


Build a DIY toy kitchen 

Loren Armstrong, 27, from Kent, created a DIY toy kitchen for her daughter Olivia, two, for just £30. Pictured, at the start of the process

The retail worker was going to throw out an old unit but decided it would be a waste, so she headed to Pinterest to see what she could do with it. Pictured, the finished result

Loren Armstrong, 27, from Kent, wanted to give Olivia, two, a toy kitchen to keep her learning and having fun - but the shops are now closed and online was too expensive.  

'I wanted to get my daughter a kitchen for her birthday,' said Loren, speaking to money-saving community 'I went to throw out an old unit but then decided it would be a waste as there wasn't much wrong with it.'

'I then looked on Pinterest to see what I could do with it, when I came across the kitchen idea.'


'I already had the white paint, tools, glue and sandpaper,' she explained. 'I bought tester pots of pink paint from B&Q. I took sample wallpaper for free for the tiles.' 

'The sink bowl and accessories were from IKEA and the tap was made from a p-trap from the plumbing department which I sprayed with silver paint,' she explained. 

'The oven door I sprayed with paint and used black gloss DC-fix to make the hob and glass effect on the door.'

'I sanded the unit, and then painted and attached all the wallpaper and accessories. In case you have any concerns relating to exactly where along with the best way to make use of stop plumbing shop. From the smallest repair to the most (, it is possible to e mail us from the web-page. I spent £30 in total.'


Build a fairy house

In her new book Dawn Isaac reveals the rules of 'making fairy houses', explaining that 'all elements should be natural'. 

Add some sand by a puddle and you have a private beach, get creative with twigs and make a helicopter pad

She says: 'Of course, it needs constructing outside as that is where fairies feel most at home.

'You can gather materials from the garden or out on a walk - hedgerows and parks are basically interior  design shops in fairyland. Moss can become a carpet, an upturned shell is a perfect washbasin.'

You will need

The outdoors, natural materials and leaves make wonderful blinds and curtains. You could add some sand by a puddle and you have a private beach, get creative with twigs and make an outdoor gym or how about a helicopter pad (you know, for whentheir wings need a rest)?

And while you're at it, you could build a few fairy shops, a fairy hotel or maybe even a fairy school. 


Fairies get easily bored, so do feel free to remodel their homes on a regular basis.