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Concrete drilling Hung Vy - Preferential policies for loyal customers

by Hung Vy (2020-04-29)

We always provide professional work, reasonable prices, to ensure construction preservation after drilling and cutting.

Due to many years of work and business passion, employees of the company are generally trained in high quality scientific skills on service.

Portable concrete chisel is a very useful equipment for breaking walls. Demolition of large items made of solid concrete.

Portable concrete chisels come in a variety of sizes and capacities so we can choose according to our needs.

Proper use of this product will help us to break down concrete surface quickly and accurately.

Due to the large capacity and destruction, when we use the concrete drilling machine we need to be very careful not to break other structures.

Currently, on the market there are concrete drilling machine products from genuine German Bosch and Japanese makita which are widely trusted.

Portable concrete chisel Makita, Bosch ... both old and new have been owned by Hung Vy in large numbers to serve the fastest demand for concrete chiselling.

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What is a hand-held concrete chisel?

The concrete chisel is a specialized power tool for chiselling walls and chisels with high power suitable for construction, mechanics and heavy industry.

Advantages of concrete chisel machine:

- Not limited or dependent on the strength of workers.

- Strong chisel force with high velocity easily penetrates the hardest brick walls, concrete.

- Lightweight, firm and optimal ergonomic.

- Ensuring safety for users and construction quality on construction sites and factories.

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