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Is a Wart Bothering You Too Much? Let's Know More About Warts And How Wart Removal is Done

by Alica Blaylock (2020-04-07)

What is a wart?

A wart is a small bumpy or flat growth on the skin caused by viral infection. It may also grow in clusters resembling a cauliflower. Sometimes it looks like black dots. Warts are contagious and you have to be careful about it.

What are the Symptoms of Warts?

Generally, you can see and feel warts but in cases such as Plantar warts, they grow inwards and make it difficult to treat them. They can be in the form of bumps or flat and smooth. Warts can grow anywhere in the body including hands, legs, face, neck, eyelids and abdomen.

What you must do before & After Wart Removal?

All warts do not need to be treated. If a skin growth is causing you discomfort then you may visit our clinic and consult our experts regarding wart removal treatment. Doctor can tell you whether it is a wart by just looking at it. There are various methods by which a wart can be removed, such as, use of salicylic acid, duct tape, laser or freezing methods. It can also be removed through surgical procedures. After a surgery, if required, the wart will be sent for biopsy.

What is Surgical Wart Removal and How it is Done?

There are two kind of surgeries involved.

Electrosurgery and Curettage: In Electrosurgery the wart is burnt with an electrical current. Curettage is a process of cutting off the wart with a sharp knife or a tool for this purpose. Doctos often use these two procedures together.

Laser Surgery: In Laser surgery the wart is burnt with an intense beam of laser light.

Does wart removal hurt?

Wart removal may hurt to some extent, mainly it is painful for children. There is nothing much to worry because doctors will prescribe medications to relieve you from pain and in most cases a general anesthetic is used so that it does not hurt while treating.

What are the Advantages of Surgical Wart Removal

Warts removed surgically can eradicate them permanently. After the procedures skin irritation may take place. So, our experts will also suggest you medications and ointments if needed. You will aslo get professional advices from them regarding the treatment. We also offer you servies at affordable rates.

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