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The Food In Quang Ngai Not To Be Missed.

by dulich viet (2020-01-05)

Quang Ngai is not only famous for its beautiful landscapes, Quang Ngai tourism attracts phượt community, besides the delicious food in Quang Ngai is much loved. Here are the Quang Ngai specialties you should not miss.

1. Rice paper

Quang Ngai tourism should eat something delicious, nutritious, cheap? Quang Ngai cuisine has a lot of delicious dishes to please diners. Rice paper is a dish and raw material for processing many delicious dishes of Quang Ngai people, from popular rice dishes to luxurious tray dishes. Where rice paper rolls on the streets of Quang Ngai, you also come across familiar rice paper. Thin rice paper with dew, wrapped with meat, shrimp, corn ... or put into a bowl of rice noodles, porridge is delicious not to be missed. Rice paper is also sprinkled with sesame seeds and grilled with mussels, or sauteed saffron, spread sugar to make attractive rice paper. Rice paper makes the pride of Quang people, Quang Ngai delicacy is the most friendly greeting that Quang land invites you.

2. Scallops

What is the attraction of Quang Ngai cuisine? Quang Ngai cuisine has many delicious and attractive dishes captivating visitors. Grilled scallop is a special dish of Quang Ngai because cooked grilled scallops emit aroma, sprinkle with pepper, chili and roasted peanuts. When you eat, you only need to gently peel the shell, then use a spoon to lightly lift a piece of fat, fragrant scallops from the shell. The grilled scallop dish makes the emotions of the people enjoying the delicious compliments when the oyster meat is greasy, fragrant and seductive with the sweet taste of sea seafood. Quang Ngai's delicious and attractive specialties will make you remember forever this lovely Quang Ngai land.

3. Cane bird

Sugarcane bird is a unique delicacy in Quang Ngai cuisine, the local people can create delicious dishes with soft, sweet and fragrant meat. Bird meat cane not too greasy but very nutritious, aromatic attractive. Sugarcane birds began to migrate a lot in October of the lunar calendar, on the immense fields of sugarcane people caught birds to clean their feathers, then pickled marinated spice and then grilled on the bright red charcoal stove. Sugar cane bird is processed into many delicious dishes, but the best dish is still baked cane bird, a dish that captivates visitors. Cane bird deserves to be an attractive delicacy in Quang Ngai cuisine.,-the-most-famous-Hue-cuisine

4. Tuna um noodles

Um tuna noodle is an attractive dish in Quang Ngai, this delicious noodle dish is typical of Quang soil. The sweetness of tuna combined with herbs, raw vegetables and fresh noodles is undeniable. That fascinating dish contains in itself both the pungency and sweetness of the typical central fish-noodle bowl. Tuna is a nutritious, soft and sweet meat when cooked with noodles, the clear broth is impressive. Tuna noodle dish highlights the unique cuisine of Quang Ngai.

The famous delicacies in Quang Ngai that dulichfun has just named are the top of the most attractive specialties Quang Ngai for you. In addition to the delicious dishes we just told you above, there are also delicious Quang Ngai Other things you should enjoy like: rock sugar, lung sugar, malt candy, anchovies ... will help you understand more about Quang Ngai's cuisine as well as unique Central cuisine.

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