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5 extremely hot thrilling games in Nha Trang with fares

by dulich viet (2020-01-05)

Coming to the coastal city, you not only can travel to the sea but also have the opportunity to experience the thrilling games already in Nha Trang. There are currently many new and exciting adventure games in Nha Trang that will make you extremely excited and unforgettable.

 5 famous thrilling adventure games in Nha Trang

1. Water stand (fly-board)

Do you have the superman who has the special ability to fly straight up in the air gently, if you remember and fall in love with that then immediately try the thrilling game in Nha Trang with called Flyboard.

 To play this game, the user is fitted with a jet engine that sucks water and pushes water out at high pressure. The maximum height that this game can take you up is about 9m - an impressive figure. Although it has only been introduced to Vietnam a few years ago, this famous thrilling game in Nha Trang always has a strong attraction for all visitors.

You should remember this game is only available in Nha Trang, the cost for one play in 15 minutes is quite expensive from 800,000-1,000,000 VND / time.

2. Parachute scissors

At first seeing this game, you will feel a bit creepy because you have to hang yourself on an umbrella pulled high into the sky and then slowly fall into the sea. But after grasping the basic movements such as tightening the rope, breathing deeply and deeply when reaching the absolute height, you slowly relax and zoom in on the panoramic view of the sea, you will definitely find it extremely cool. Great is interesting. Thrilling adventure game in Nha Trang will help you relax, completely relax.

The cost for a trial of this game is about 500,000 - 600,000 VND / turn within 15 minutes but extremely worthy. The most interesting place to play adventure in Nha Trang is on Tam Island.

3. Skateboarding

It is a fairly new game in our country, but the feeling of riding on high waves is really extremely hard to describe. This adventure game in Nha Trang is not for the faint of heart, lacking courage. In order to play this game you need to practice for a long time until you reach maturity.

Each skateboard costs up to tens of millions, so you can consider the form of surfboard rental for 200,000 VND / hour to practice satisfied with passionate game thrills in Nha Trang.

4. Windsurfing with canoe

Although a thrilling sport in Nha Trang, skateboarding is quite easy to play and simple than other sports. Not thanks to the effects of waves and wind, players can still glide on the sea by tying their feet to the board and canoe pulled away. You only need to talk about 30 minutes to be able to play this game. In Vietnam, there are many places where this subject is available, but the most interesting place to play thrills is Nha Trang. You can also refer to this game image in the exciting race program 2016.

5. Scuba diving

When traveling to Nha Trang, you definitely have to try scuba diving to see the ocean, beautiful creatures, colorful coral reefs. Join this exciting thrilling game in Nha Trang, you will be provided with equipment like a true diver including snorkel, eyeglasses, diving ... After the training period, you will be able to dive by yourself at a depth of 10-15m, you are assured because there are always guides to ensure the safety of visitors. You should scuba dive in Hon Mun because this is the best place for you to explore the vast ocean and the most biodiversity in Nha Trang.

The price of this interesting game in Nha Trang for everyone is as follows:

+ Diving without a diving license:

    VND 550,000 / tourist for 1 time x 30 minutes
    VND 800,000 / person dive 2 times x 30 minutes

+ Diving already by diving:

    1,056,000 VND / diver 2 times x 50 minutes
    VND 300,000 / pax to watch marine life
    200,000 VND / CD of underwater photos with marine creatures

For those who love to explore and experience interesting levels of emotion, the list of unique thrilling games in Nha Trang above will surely make you satisfied. This is also the answer to the question of what to play when coming to Nha Trang by many young people. Hope you are satisfied with the answer from Du Du Viet and comment on the community after your visit.