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by Warner Garon (2020-02-15)

page1-85px-Eigo-enzetsuho.pdf.jpgAmong men, only 8.0 percent of working dads were part-timers, and earned an average annual wage of ¥1.75 million. The government meanwhile remains doggedly reluctant to invest in public education, spending an abysmally low 3.5 percent of GDP in 2012, the least of 32 of the 34 OECD countries for which comparable data were available. At the same time, calls are growing for a rethink of the industry’s pariah status. The market reached an estimated ¥3.5 trillion in fiscal 2014, according to Yano Research Institute.要求她真实姓名的叶山因为隐瞒自己丈夫的处境而不予公开,表示正在考虑申请个人破产。许多人被迫放弃全职职位,在长期缺乏日托中心以及日本长期存在的"男人外出工作,女性在家照顾家庭"的心态,从而阻止丈夫休陪产假