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by Aalia William (2020-01-31)

With an approximated 66 million tinnitus sufferers in the Sonus Complete Review United States alone, chronic ringing ears cures are being explored. There are however several proved remedies and treatments to alleviate the discomfort in those who suffer. Sometimes even the smallest improvement means being able to live a semi-normal life.For those suffering from tinnitus due to Meniere's disease, they may be aware that the disease causes vertigo, which is dizziness or a loss of balance, and that is due to pressure in the inner ear. It can cause temporary or even permanent hearing loss, and the best way to counter it is diet. There should be a conscious effort on the part of those suffering to regulate their eating and drinking habits.A diet rich in caffeine, including coffee and chocolate, as well as high in sodium such as ordinary salt or MSG has been shown to exacerbate the condition, and therefore these foods should be avoided. Other foods to avoid are alcohol, dairy products, citrus and wheat. Drinking plenty of water to keep the body hydrated and cleanse it of toxins, as well eating such foods as red meat and broccoli have shown to make a marked improvement of the intensity and frequency of tinnitus.As so many people with ringing ears can attest to, the most common complaint is loss of restful sleep due to the condition. One effective remedy for this is the "Tinnitus Masking Treatment". It involves playing white noise either out of speakers or directly using headphones so as to "mask" the ringing. It forces for the sufferer to either be distracted by the white noise or to give the appearance that the ringing has stopped completely, thus allowing for a good night's sleep.