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Difference Between Table Tennis And Ping Pong

by Rodolfo Sturm (2020-01-30)

135162700_78f2ef8846_b.jpgThe point which clearly differentiates is that the equipment required to play tennis is ping pong. In other words, ping pong is a brand actually. This is the reason due to which ping pong championships are not included in Olympics because the Olympic federation knows that there is no sport like ping pong. So, this proves that table tennis is an actual sport.

The fact is that it is difficult to bring people around with only a single point. Here are the rumors related to these games which have made people to think only one side of these two things. The first one is that after hitting it, the ball should bounce on your table side once. This is quite funny and totally wrong. There is no such thing like that. Another thing people made about table tennis and ping pong is that while playing table tennis the ball should only touch the table when served serving and after that, the game must go without the ball hitting the ground but in ping pong, every shot can touch the ball.

Another difference explained by people is that the ball size of table tennis is 27mm and that of ping pong ball is 25mm. This one is also wrong because this minor point cannot define the whole difference between table tennis and ping pong. There were two associations developed, one for ping pong game and one for table tennis and after some time both were merged. There is no evidence which proves both of them as a proper game. The difference of ball size and number of bounces is totally wrong. The actual size of ball used in sport of table tennis is 40mm.

So, in the end it is concluded that ping pong is only a trademark of brand jpboladunia but table tennis is the actual game played with it. Now, after explaining the clear difference between these two things I would like to give some facts related to ping pong as an equipment brand and table tennis as a game. The game was quite popular in 1880 and British soldiers played it with other equipment but t he procedure was same. After that, the game became popular and was then played by people from upper class. The name of 'Table Tennis' was first suggested in 1887 but at that time it referred to dice and board game.

In 1900, after proper rules were made for this game, a celluloid ball was invented. A book has also been written on this sport in England. Table tennis is a popular sport but simple tennis is more famous than it. You can see high world championships, professional players and can check tennis livescore and fixtures. These tennis livescore and fixtures are now available everywhere online. In the end, I hope that you've got a clear difference between both the things.

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