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Hair Revital X

by Jerome Princy (2020-01-30)

Majority of the female Hair Revital X Review population would go through the pregnancy and childbirth stage. These are happy occasions but often many find a change in their appearance (not only the size and built) after giving birth to the little one. A friend of mine started finding herself dropping a lot more strands of hair during her pregnancy. While this is normal, losing too many strands may mean a thinning of the crown which may inevitably lead to balding areas. Some tips that you might want take note during this period is try not to subject your hair to too much stress and pulling and using a wide tooth comb to comb your hair. Some women might think it might help if they cut their hair short. The weight of long hair means that the hair can drop off easier. However it is not true that with short hair, the hair fall will be lesser. It might reduce for some but not all. One of my friend also tried using anti hair thinning hair shampoo. These shampoos are usually quite liquid due to the mild nature and are pricier than the normal shampoos. You may need to use it continuous for a period of time before you can see the results i.e. lesser falling strands. This alternative works for some but not for all. For those who have thick hair, you might consider yourself lucky. Though you may be losing more strands, overall you may not find balding areas due to the original volume of the hair. Your hair volume might become normal after childbirth. We all know that this type of hair loss is due to a change in hormones and is temporary. Most recovered after a few months. However there are some who got worse and may need to seek help from hair clinics or medication.