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Blood Sugar Ultra

by Jerome Princy (2020-01-23)

Treating patients with diabetes Blood Sugar Ultra Review is a major source of income for most doctors. As type 2 diabetes becomes more and more common, new drugs come out almost every year, each promising to be the panacea that finally makes living with diabetes... and supposedly eating whatever you would like... possible for diabetics, and enormously profitable for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The truth is new diabetes drugs have been coming out with regularity since 1995. Several diabetes drugs have been disasters. Hundreds of diabetics treated with Rezulin died of liver failure in the late 1990's, and confidential US government reports recently leaked to the press, disclose about 500 heart attacks and 300 cases of congestive heart failure are caused each month by the diabetes drug Avandia. Reports that another new diabetes drug, Januvia, has the nasty side effect of causing skin to slough off, are only slowly reaching the press. Doctors are the gatekeepers to the latest and greatest diabetes medications... but even the best of them only lower your blood sugars about 20 to 30 mg/dL (1 to 1.6mmol/L), which is about the same benefit found in the testing of cinnamon. Unless you are a physician yourself, you will never have the comprehensive knowledge of human health your doctor can provide but, at least for type 2 diabetes, patients really have to know at least as much about their own condition as their doctors do. There are two areas of self-knowledge in which every diabetic has to be an expert. These are blood sugars and blood pressure. You simply can't go to the doctor often enough, four or five times a day in some cases, to rely on medical management of your blood sugars. You simply have to test your blood sugar levels at home and at your office, at restaurants, on vacation... anywhere and anytime there is a question of good blood sugar control.