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The Memory Hack

by Alisa Princy (2020-01-22)

The risk of suffering a panic The Memory Hack Review attack or anxiety attack is greatly reduced by taking these supplements. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy): Many people who have experienced panic attacks have used this therapy to overcome the fears associated with panic attacks. This technique involves sessions with your therapist that aims to discover the root cause of you panic attacks. It can uncover your innermost fears thereby allowing the therapist access to the fundamental issues surrounding your anxiety. Diet Changes: Am sure you have heard of "gigo" right? Well if you haven't it simply means "garbage in, garbage out". Eat junk, you become "junky" in your exterior. Instead of eating junk food you should switch to foods that are rich in fiber, natural foods like nuts, spinach, grapes, bananas, beans etc. Stay away from caffeinated foods and drinks, salty foods, and eliminate as much as possible your sugar intake. This will allow your body to function without artificial ingredients and fillers. Exercise Routinely: Being in good shape is not accidental, it is deliberate. Suffering a panic attack have been shown by many studies to be greatly reduced by being in good shape. You should start a deliberate exercise routine. Forget body building and think more of heart pumping. You need to burn those calories. Go outside and take a walk; fast walks or slow walks covering more ground. While taking these walks you could make things more interesting by changing the locations daily or weekly to break the monotony. By becoming fit, you will drastically reduce your anxiety levels while increasing your energy levels - all the while feeling great about yourself. Sleep A Lot: Studies show an increased anxiety frequency and level in people who do not get proper sleep than in those who sleep a minimum of seven hours nightly. You may need to make an extra effort to relax before sleeping - I understand it may be difficult but just do it. How? Well, these might help - Try to avoid taking naps during the day, I really don't care what name they go by these days, be it "dozes" or "power naps"; Sleep in your own bedroom, on your own bed; Move that PC or Laptop to the sitting room or another room, you won't be needing it in your own room any longer at night; Change the colors of your bedroom walls to softer colors e.g. beige, blue, or lavender. You are trying to achieve "calm" here not "chaos" so stay away from those bright colors that exhilarate you and just go to bed.