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Brain C-13

by Alisa Princy (2020-01-20)

One common cause of this Brain C-13 Review jealous behavior is insecurity. It could arise from a feeling of uncertainty in a relationship, be it a love, working, or any other relationship. And this usually occurs when there is an existing competition in a liaison with somebody. Oftentimes, jealousy is also caused by women's tendency to be protective of their man. Their fear of losing their man because of dissatisfaction in their current relationships also drives them to be jealous. Men, on the other hand, portray this jealous behavior if they feel intimidated by other men. This is because of their concern to protect their egos. But jealousy could be managed so as not to destroy relationships. Most of the time, mental stress brought about by negative emotions is what causes jealousy. Pessimistic outlook in life can be a hindrance to one's happiness by causing emotional imbalance which ends up in health problems. Since one's mental state causes this jealousy, then the best way to get rid of this jealous behavior is counseling. One only has to listen to what professionals (like psychologists) say about this feeling. Hypnotherapy could be an effective solution to this jealousy problem. Through these techniques, one is guided towards proper rerouting of love demonstration. One has to learn to let go and trust a partner to avoid that tendency to control a loved one's life. Jealousy can be controlled by discarding all negative thoughts and emotions. Unlike other emotions, anger can cause negative effects on our health. When you get angry, your body displays physiological changes like sweating, increased heart beats and even increased temperature. If your body is not in good physical condition, anger could probably strain your heart and increase your blood pressure. Of course, everybody knows that people with heart conditions should avoid getting angry. Learning how to control your anger is very difficult. It would take a lot of will power and discipline. You can always look for a method or technique which effectively controls your anger. The key is finding one that you feel comfortable with. Relaxation Techniques If you feel that you can control your anger on your own, you can try several relaxation techniques. Whenever you feel that you are getting angry, you should take deep breaths. Deep breathing would slow down your heart rate and take your focus away from your anger. Another effective method is by counting numbers until your anger subsides. This exercise will also help you focus on other things besides your angry emotions.