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Cardio Clear 7 Ingredients

by Alisa Princy (2020-01-10)

Prinzmetal's angina - pain Cardio Clear 7 Ingredients Review comes even if you are at rest, sleeping or just being exposed to cold temperatures. Pain is caused by diminished blood flow to the heart's muscle or due to spasms of the coronary artery very near the blockage. A doctor can make a diagnosis of angina after asking the patient a series of questions to find out what the symptoms are and under what circumstances pain appears. The doctor will ask you the intensity of the pain, what part of your body experienced the worst pain and what you were doing when the pain came. In my case, I vaguely remember now (it was 9 years ago when I first experienced angina) the chest pain and shortness of breath that followed. I remember becoming nervous and afraid since it was the first time I experienced such pain. I thought then that I was already having a heart attack. I went to a hospital near where I was working at the time. The doctor had me put on a nitroglycerin patch which immediately gave me a terrible headache and advised me to see a cardiologist the next day. You guessed it, I postponed the visit but only for three days. The first episode of pain occurred on a Monday and I went the next Thursday. The cardiologist told me that indeed it was possible that I have blockage on my heart arteries so he told me to stay in the hospital to have my heart examined. I went to the hospital that weekend to undergo a series of test: exercise stress test, ECK, and echo cardiogram. They all pointed to the possibility of coronary artery disease. What remained for me to undergo was angiogram. It was impossible for me to have that then for financial reasons. I asked the doctor to honestly tell me my chances and he told me we could still try to control the progress of my disease through medication. Angina treatment Aside from regularly taking medicines to lower blood pressure and control diabetes, the most significant part of my treatment was a radical lifestyle change. Since I was also diagnosed with diabetes, the change included dieting. That meant exercising regularly and eating a heart friendly diet, including avoiding sweets and high cholesterol foods. Back then, I had stopped smoking two years earlier but the doctor told me that the damage smoking has done to my body is still fresh and has definitely contributed to my present condition then.