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Fungus Hack

by Jerome Princy (2020-01-02)

If the mere appearance Fungus Hack Review of rough cracked heels is not enough to spur you into action, then the pain that is caused as the cracks deepen will cause you to to begin looking for remedies to provide some relief. Maybe your feet haven't gotten so bad to the point that they literally hurt. If so, then good. Now is the time to start doing something to provide some much needed cracked heel relief and you can get the job done with inexpensive home remedies. At its simplest explanation, cracked heels are a clear sign of neglect and inattention to your feet. You may know this from experience but when the cracks become deep, they can become quite painful. Before beginning a new treatment regimen, you should always consult your podiatrist to determine if the regimen is healthy for you. This precaution is necessary because certain health conditions require long term medical attention. Once you have determined you are in the free and clear, you can begin addressing your foot issues. Although there are numerous products on the market designed to provide cracked heel relief, you can try the following home remedies: Apply a generous amount of vegetable shortening to your feet. Always make sure your feet are clean and dry before applying any product. You probably didn't know it, but vegetable shortening contains essential oils that your extra skin is lacking. Put on a pair of socks immediately after applying the shortening to keep mess to a minimum. Wear this application overnight for best results. Soak your feet in lemon juice. Lemon juice is a mild, naturally occurring acid that can help to dissolve dead and dry skin. You should do a soak for about ten minutes. Ideally, after soaking your feet, you should scrub them gently with a pumice stone. Scrubbing should be immediately followed by an application of moisturizer to promote foot softening.