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by Alisa Princy (2019-12-30)

That condition is Theramine Review caused by a decrease in blood supply to the legs, and therefore a reduction in oxygen to your lower extremities, and that is what triggers or causes the leg muscle pain. Of course the more you walk, the more oxygen is required by your legs, therefore the greater the discomfort you experience. This disorder if left unattended can easily lead to gangrene. Conventional medicine has zilch or almost nothing to offer, and the best medicational attempt is use of a drug Pentoxifylline, which not surprisingly carries undesirable side effects that are worse than the burning leg pain, such as extreme diziness and vomiting. Because the drug is useless, hardly providing any leg pain relief, and for lack of nothing better, most people reluctantly go for the ordeal of surgery, unaware that there is an effective natural solution. Leg pain problem solution. From the realm of nature by way of ayurvedic medicine, there is indeed a natural and clinically proven effective solution to chronic leg pain and without any bad side-effects. It is a powerful herbal mixture of at least nineteen different herbs, from the mountains of Tibet, that directly stops intermittent claudication. In 1985, in a remarkable double-blind clinical study, all intermittent claudication patients administered the herbal mixture, were found to have a full 100% increase in the distance they could walk pain-free, and all patients reported no side effects whatsoever. Since then a series of clinical tests in Japan, Switzerland, Sweden and Britain have confirmed those exact excellent results as repeatable. You have not heard of this natural solution before, because it cannot be patented, meaning no profits in it, therefore every effort is made to keep you out of the loop of knowledge of the relevant facts You should be aware that it takes at least three months at the minimum to achieve the full health benefits of this herbal mixture, and it is in TABLET form for your convenience. The clinically recommended dosage comes with the product, of course, and decreases after the first four weeks. Padma promotes health circulation.