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by Randy Rotton (2020-02-07)

Okaasan debuted in Ikebukuro in 2009 as a pioneering establishment focused on middle-aged women to tap a market based on the inherent male desire for motherly affection. Neon signs for sex industry venues are seen among the bars and clubs in Tokyo's Kabuki-cho red light district. "There is no doubt that the risks are huge. Yamaguchi (not her real name) said she delved into the industry about a year ago to help offset a plunge in household income after her husband lost his career. "When I first decided to join the industry, I did so with great reluctance. As a precaution against stalkers and other sex offenders, Saito, 48, strictly bans the women from carrying ID when meeting clients and from giving out their contact information. I didn’t know whether it was the right thing to sell my identity as a woman.虽然她最近改为全职工,但到了六月底,等到合同期满,就失业了。为了保护自己的健康,斋藤确保员工每月进行性病检查,并在网站上公布检查历史