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by Mathew John (2020-01-25)

Obviously, this requires more effort than Hydralyft Review washing your face, and it is NOT a quick fix. In fact, it is BETTER than a quick fix. It is a PERMANENT FIX! Once you find out what is going on in your colon, you can control what goes in to your body and make adjustments so that once vied-for radiant, glowing skin can now be a reality!Now, for those immediate gratification junkies out there, I have something for you too! Even though you are down for delving into the health of your colon, the warm weather IS you have to bear skin NOW! This next practice will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Skin brushing. Believe it or not, hair is not the only thing needing a brush down. Our skin sheds millions of dead cells every single day, along with eliminating toxins from our body. The act of skin brushing helps to slough off those dead skin cells and toxic waste, revealing the radiant, glowing skin underneath.Buy a Skin Brush. The long-handled brushes you thought were for scrubbing your back in the shower. WRONG! They run between $5-$15. The stiffer the bristles the BETTER. If it detaches from the handle, BEST!BEFORE you shower, dry brush your body for a few minutes. Always brush towards the heart. I like to start with my feet and move up, then do my arms. I detach the handle for everything except my back. Brush everywhere you can reach (not your lady and gentlemen parts...) Feet, lower legs, upper legs, tushy, stomach, chest (not the sensitive parts), lower arms, upper arms, shoulders, back...did I forget anything?