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by Mathew John (2020-01-25)

You can burn fat by doing spot reduction. Bioleptin Review Doing sit-ups and bends to burn belly fat is actually a waste of time. In fact, the results of these exercises would be contrary to what you're expecting. Doing side bends makes your side muscles stronger, in which case fat isn't necessarily burned and could possibly make you look bigger around the waist. The same thing with sit-up exercises. Training this way wouldn't burn your belly fat but it can cause lower back problems other than the fact that it is an incomplete workout. Spot reduction just doesn't work good enough in melting fat in specific locations of your body. If your arms are flabby, doing a thousand bicep curls won't make a difference, nor would a thousand of crunches have effects on your big stomach. If you want to make fat disappear, the key fitness program is to eat better. Fat loss happens in response to your diet. That is, 80-90% of fat that you burn depend on the foods that you eat. Don't do targeted exercises, but strength train using big compound movements. Use a lot of muscles when you lift weights.