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Derma Correct

by Jerome Princy (2020-01-22)

The sad fact is that if you Derma Correct Review are using one of many big brand name moisturisers, including sensitive skin moisturizers, you may actually be making the problem worse. Strange as it may sound many big brand skin anti-wrinkle creams and anti aging products contain ingredients that may exacerbate acne, cause skin problems and even allergies. The health and beauty industry is about making money, and every effort is made to keep the cost of products down. By using cheap chemical and petrochemical ingredients the cost of the products is, in many cases, kept extremely low so that more money may be applied to marketing. It is marketing that sells skin care products such as wrinkle creams. If you suffer from acne and use a daily moisturizer you may, for example, be using a product that contains petrolatum. Petrolatum is a very cheap petrochemical product that is found in many anti aging skin care products including facial moisturizers. You may know it as Vaseline, or perhaps petroleum jelly, though it goes by a range of names. Petrolatum has no moisturizing properties. It is included in these products because, (apart from the fact that it is very cheap), it coats the skin with a thin film of oil thereby helping prevent moisture loss. You can imagine what coating the skin with oil does to the pores. It clogs pores with oil thereby increasing the chances that your face will break out with more pimples. And there are many other chemical ingredients in mainstream anti aging products that can cause allergic skin reactions, particularly in sensitive skin, and also to those with oily skin, and which can even put you at risk of health problems, including cancer. If you're prone to acne and you're using a facial moisturizer containing petrolatum, (or one or more of many other suspect chemical ingredients) then you're better off not using anything at all.