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BP Optimizer

by Jerome Princy (2020-01-07)

Arrhythmia does not BP Optimizer Review mean a cessation of the heart's function, but instead cause an unhealthy, life threatening rhythm. In the case of ventricular tachycardia, the heart beats at a beat too rapid for the pumping of blood to be effective. If tachycardia is not treated, the heart could eventually reach asystole in which there is no cardiac contraction meaning that all electrical activity of the heart has ceased. At the point where asystole is reached, the survival of the patient is in extreme danger. The only way for a positive outcome to be reached, a successful combination of drugs which promote cardiac stimulation as well as CPR is required. If these treatments are not sought in a timely fashion, the result will inevitably be brain damage and eventual death. Brain damage occurs quickly after the heart has stopped. Because the brain requires a constant supply of blood, the cessation of blood flow to the brain swiftly leads to permanent injury to the brain. Typically, irreparable damage to the brain will occur after about three to four minutes of asystole. The AED is such a useful and necessary asset because, unlike internal defibrillators which need to be surgically inserted into the patient, they are external meaning that they can be used quickly and by any layman. Automated external defibrillators operate through the placement of electrodes on the patient's chest. After external placement on the patient, the AED is able to determine the condition of the individual in order to determine whether the patient is experiencing cardiac arrhythmia. The AED uses both visual and well as voice prompting in order to make the condition of the patient apparent to the rescuer.