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Hearing X3

by Mathew John (2020-01-07)

While 'ringing in the ears' type tinnitus may be Hearing X3 Review caused by damage to the hearing nerve this is only one of the many causes of the complaint. It is well known that extremely loud noises, persistent high pitched noises, food and drink allergies, high blood pressure and old age may equally be the source of the 'ringing in the ears' tinnitus.The inner ear, the home of the hearing nerve, is a very delicate structure that is easily damaged. The cochlea of the inner ear is the most critical structure in the auditory pathway, for it is there that the energy from sound generated pressure waves is transformed into neural impulses. This is done by the hearing nerve.The cochlea not only amplifies sound waves and converts them into neural signals, but it also acts as a mechanical frequency analyzer, converting complex acoustical waveforms into less intricate elements. Many facets of auditory perception arise immediately from the physical properties of the cochlea and so it is important to examine this structure in some detail.The cochlea is a small coiled structure about 10mm wide and looks like a sea shell. The cochlea is bisected by the cochlear partition, which is a flexible structure that supports the basilar membrane (also known as the 'ear drum') and the tectorial membrane. The manner in which the basilar membrane vibrates in response to sound is the key to understanding cochlear function.