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The Memory Hack

by Alisa Princy (2020-01-04)

Now I know and you The Memory Hack Review know too that we can stop it all day long, no sweat as long as there is no anxiety after our action. This is simple to understand right? Of course, but now what do we do when we have the anxiety. After all, there was a reason we felt like we had to do this ritual in the first place, don't you agree? I used to accept whatever the consequences of of whatever I thought would happen if I did not give in. See the problem that you are probably facing is that you are taking your fear too seriously. Pure OCD can make you feel like you actually have power to change anything by simply doing mental rituals. This is not true of course and you don't even need me to tell you that. Most people with pure OCD know that their rituals don't make sense but they still feel a very strong urge to do them anyway. Think about what happens is you always wash your hands before you eat and then today you just didn't, this would probably bother you even if you didn't have OCD because you have programmed your brain to wash your hands by repetition. What I learned is that when it comes to pure OCD, as with almost anything, you can reprogram your brain simply by repeating certain actions. What kind of actions are you repeating over and over again? So what I did was simply stop repeating the mantra "hate bad, love God." When I caught myself saying that, I would say, "Forget that." This was a way to break the habit and reprogram my brain that I did not have to say that anymore. When I felt the anxiety come on, I would simply introduce new thoughts. I don't have time to get into this powerful technique here but I have more stuff for you below, enjoy! Treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder should not be approached with a one size fits all mentality. Sadly there are too many doctors and practitioners that do this when it comes to their treatments. There should actually be some insight into what kinds of problems the person is experiencing. I feel that it should be a little more personal than just writing a prescription and send you off skipping to the pharmacist. I really believe and have seen from my own experience that people do much better when they work on the root cause of the problem which is their way of interpreting situations they face.