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Manifestation Code System

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-30)

This practice turns breakfast Manifestation Code System Review into a prayer; a reverent opportunity to make the world a little better. "O Lord, help me prepare breakfast for my children with joy and gratitude, so, that they might grow and be healthy, fulfilling their role as your servant. In this duty, help me be cheerful and serve your will. O Lord, I surrender myself to You." Potentially, the energy of these words, in the form of a prayer of intention, alters my consciousness. A little happier, I serve breakfast to my children. By slowly repeating these words through the grace of the Path, a 'chore' turns into spiritual practice. For those moments, I have aligned my thought and action with the higher destiny. According to the Koran, each traveler can serve as God's vicegerent or representative on earth. This is our birth right and higher destiny. Through repeating the prayer of submission, we can turn daily activity into a form of spiritual practice. Each traveler is born with many talents and free will choice; each is destined to rise higher and participate as co-creator in the Divine Plan. And because God Loves us; God has created a Way or Path for us to reach higher. This is the path of submission; the path of love and service to humanity. We love, serve and help, because it is our higher nature and the nature of God. God said, "I loved to be known, so I created creation." This is reflected in the ones whom God loves. The qualities of loving, knowing, hearing, seeing, will, power, talking are all God's gifts to humanity. But God's greatest gift is love, the manifestation of His love of knowing Himself. Love is the primary sustenance for human beings. They cannot live without it, and mankind learned to love from God.