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Moment Hermes driver COUGHS over parcel as delivery firm apologises

by Dorthea Rayner (2020-06-06)

Roztomil%C3%A1-asijsk%C3%A1-ex-p%C5%99%CDisgusting footage shows the moment a Hermes delivery driver was caught coughing all over a parcel. 

The moment caught on film saw the spluttering driver touch GP and Rochdale FC team doctor Wesley Tensel's doorbell shortly after.

The driver ended up coughing all over Mr Tensel's porch after he mixed up his addresses.

Mr Tensel was working at the Covid-19 ward at Leigh Infirmary, Greater Manchester, when his wife sent him the video on Monday. 

The Hermes delivery driver is coughing and spluttering as he delivers a parcel on GP and Rochdale FC team doctor Wesley Tensel's porch in Manchester on Monday

Hermes has since apologised for the incident and said: 'We take allegations such as this very seriously and are investigating.' 

Mr Tensel, 35, was left horrified after he and his wife reviewed the footage from their doorbell camera. 

The video shows the driver approaching Mr Tensel's door in Manchester coughing violently without covering his mouth. 

The driver splutters on the package, before turning to ring the doorbell.

He then leaves the house continuing to cough in the vicinity.





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A disgusted Mr Tensel posted the video shortly after, saying: 'Please can Hermes contact the driver of van 63 as he shouldn't be working.

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'If not tested he needs to do so and customers alerted if Covid positive!'  

Mr Tensel said he had to disinfect his door after delivering the parcel to his neighbour. 

He said: 'It happened Monday morning when I was at work, luckily my wife who was at home in the garden with the kids saw the video and then told me about it.

Shortly after delivering the parcel the delivery driver presses Mr Tensel's doorbell

'I work a day a week as a doctor covering a Covid-19 ward and that's where I was when my wife sent me the video.

'I put on my surgical gloves and took it to the neighbour who was already aware of the video. Then disinfected the door and surrounding porch area. 

'It actually looked like a comedy sketch. If I hadn't known better I'd have thought it was some sort of joke.

'Of course if we hadn't had seen what happened on the camera we'd have possibly brought it in the house or taken it straight to the neighbours exposing them to any potential germs.'  

He continues coughing in the vicinity as he walks away from the door. Hermes said the delivery driver was not unwell

Mr Tensel added: 'Hermes got back to inform me the courier is not unwell. 

'Nothing was said by them regarding their infection control policy or how they may be protecting their customers in the future.

'I don't think it really represents the company if an individual doesn't know basic hygiene measures which we teach our own children, that's down to that person. 

'Although I thought the company may have mentioned that they would be discussing infection prevention with him if not already done so.' 

Hermes has been contacted for further comment.