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4 reasons you need a personal trainer

by Jade Christie (2020-05-28)

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A personal trainer can be great if you need extra support and accountability in your workouts

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There's no shortage of free fitness guides and tips on the internet and social media, which is great -- but sometimes it's more overwhelming than helpful. Figuring out which workout plans to follow, what actually works for your goals, what kind of exercise equipment you need, and if you can even stick to the workout plan is a daunting task. If you can relate to this last point, hiring a personal trainer may be a great solution to get more personalized plans that work for you.

Hiring a personal trainer is a big decision (and often a big financial commitment), but it can be well worth your time, even if you are only able to work with one on a short-term basis. A personal trainer can help tailor a custom plan just for you, and provide invaluable support and accountability in your fitness journey. No matter if you're just starting out, or maybe you took a break from working out and want to get back into it, a trainer is the perfect person to make sure you are doing exercises correctly and making the most of your time at the gym.

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Working with a trainer these days looks pretty different than 10 years ago -- you can hire a trainer to work out with you at a gym. But you can also save money -- and get an experience that's just as useful -- by connecting with a trainer via video chat or in an app. Hiring a virtual trainer also gives you access to people you may not be able to work with otherwise due to location.

Whether you're interested in hiring a trainer because you need more accountability, a personalized program tailored to you or maybe because you don't have time to leave your house to work out, keep reading to find out more about how to hire a personal trainer and if you could use one.

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If you are new to exercising, a personal trainer will help you learn proper form.

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1. You're just getting started with a workout routine
If you're new to working out -- or maybe you're coming back after a long hiatus -- a personal trainer can help you learn the basics. If you haven't worked out before, it can feel pretty overwhelming to walk into a gym or a workout class. It's important to have a professional coach you on proper form and technique, especially when you're new to a workout. You'll want to make sure you're getting the foundations down early on, setting you up for success and making it more likely that you'll reach your fitness goals.

When you first start working with a personal trainer, they'll often begin your session with a fitness assessment. This tells the trainer what you can improve on, where your strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to fitness, and you'll discuss your goals. You can then work with a trainer for a short time to get you started, or sustain a longer-term relationship if you need more accountability and support.

If you are recovering for an injury, a personal trainer can help make sure you stay safe.

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2. You've been injured, had surgery or given birth 

If you've been active in the past, or maybe you had to take a break to recover from an illness, injury or other life event like having a baby, sometimes you need more support to start exercising again. 

When you are coming back to exercise after a break, it can feel like you're starting over. Say for example, you had knee surgery, and now you need to learn how to get back to your favorite workout without risking hurting your knee again. The right trainer will have the knowledge to help you balance your workouts and address the areas in your body that could help support your knee. And they can also guide you on what types of exercise or movements you may need to avoid to be safe. 

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