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Body of missing student, 23, found and boyfriend arrested by police

by Bernice Nagle (2020-03-18)

A missing Fort Valley student who was last seen on Valentine's Day in Georgia has been found dead, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has said. 

Anitra Gunnn's body has been discovered by police near the border of Crawford County and Peach County, Special Agent JT Ricketson confirmed, according to WMAZ. 

Her boyfriend DeMarcus Little, 23, of Chestnut Hill Road in Fort Valley, was arrested on Tuesday for an attack on her apartment, WMAZ said.

Little is accused of smashing the window's at Gunn's home and slashing the tires on her car on February 5 - nine days before she disappeared, Fort Valley police said.   

The body of Anitra Gunnn, a 23-year-old Fort Valley student, has been found found in Crawford County, Georgia

Police had named Little as a person of interest in the case and say more charges could be forthcoming. He is currently charged with criminal damage to property. 

He boyfriend has been taken in for questioning for a third time and is a 'person of interest' but has not been arrested

County Sheriff Terry Deese said in a press conference on Tuesday night that little had been interviewed three times by police. His car was also said to have been towed before his arrest.

Deese said he would not release more information about the boyfriend's interviews. 

Gunn's body was found partially covered near Greer Road 'as if someone tried to hide it' - as well as a piece of a car -  on Tuesday afternoon, Deese said. 

Gunn was reportedly last seen on the morning of February 14 on Chestnut Hill Road in Fort Valley at her boyfriend's aunt's home.

The student's concerned family contacted police the following day and her Chevy Cruze car was found with the bumper missing in the city limits of Fort Valley.   

The body was found near a front bumper, which deputies believe belongs to Gunn's car.  

Gunn's Chevy Cruze was found with the bumper missing in the city limits of Fort Valley

A desperate search was launched for missing Gunn after she vanished four days ago. Her dad said it was unusual for her to not be in contact





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Her dad said that he called her on the morning of February 14 and wished her a happy Valentine's Day. Friends and family who called her later said that she didn't answer. 

A desperate search was launched and her father Christopher Gunn had voiced fears over her fate when he told WGXA that his daughter's lack of contact was unusual.He said the family was 'always talking with her, always checking on her'. 

'My mind just racing 100 miles an hour. As a father, it hurts there's not a lot I can do,'  he said.     

 The body will be sent to the GBI Crime Lab to be positively identified.   

Drones had been scouring the area using drones


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