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Boss lets her staff book 'hangover days' in advance

by Patricia Rodd (2020-01-20)

The festive season may always see a rise in the number of empty desks in the workplace - but for one company, not turning up because you've had one too many eggnogs is a perfectly acceptable excuse. 

presentation1-181120122519-thumbnail-3.jClaire Crompton, a director and co-founder at digital marketing company The Audit Lab, based in Bolton, says her employees can even book a hangover day well in advance if they know they've got a big night out in the pipeline. 

Speaking on BBC 5 Live's Wake Up To Money programme today, Crompton said companies had to start offering employees such perks if they wanted to attract talent away from major cities. 

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Tis the season! Staff from Bolton-based digital marketing agency The Audit Lab pictured last week at their Christmas party

Claire Crompton, a director at The Audit Lab says hangover days promote honesty amongst employees. Ellie Entwhistle, 19, agrees that staff are less likely to take a sickie if they can legitimately work from home

She told the show: 'We wanted to offer something to younger millennials who typically go out mid-week and do the pub quiz. 

'My team book a hangover day in advance, if they know they are going out.'

Crompton, who describes herself on the company's website as a 'prosecco-loving yummy mummy' added that her staff worked 'in their PJs, at home on the couch' on such days. 




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Share One of her employees, Ellie Entwhistle, 19, recounted how a recent date night had turned into a drinking session in the pub and she'd subsequently called her boss the next morning to ask permission to work from home.  

She said: 'Before you know it, we'd had a few and we got back a bit late. So the next morning I rang Claire and I just said: 'I am feeling a bit worse for wear.'"

Both agreed that the system in their workplace hadn't been abused, with Claire saying that there was an expectation that part of the job would be socialising with clients.

Appearing on BBC 5 Live's Wake Up To Money show this morning, Ellie said that a recent drinking session had left her feeling 'worse for wear' but that she'd been honest with her boss and preferred telling the truth to pretending to be ill

A recent survey by the BBC found that some 40 per cent of UK workers would rather pretend to be ill than admit they needed a 'duvet day'.  

The study's results, released last month, asked 3,655 adults over 16 why they took a day off work - and 40 per cent of people, equal to two in five, saying they did it because they needed a break from their job.  

Secretary General of the International Chambers of Commerce, Chris Southworth, told the BBC: 'What this points to is the importance of trust within business to promote a positive, healthy place to work, increase efficiency and help to improve your return on your investment. how that has a positive impact on people's wellbeing. 

'Good, responsible businesses are those that are well led, they promote good values and ethical behaviour.' 

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