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Any Coronavirus research update here?

by Anna Mike (2020-03-22)

I have read and checked the research details and references shared here with us about the "stress impact and symptomatology on migrant’s adolescents at Arica and Antofagasta, Chile" and it was done quite effectively to pont out the issues correctly. We are all now running through the tough time caused by the pandemic Coronavirus (COVID -19). So I'm just looking if I can find a recent research report here about the Corona outbreak in the world so far.

I'm working in a maid service Dubai company and I have cheked the global numbers of the COVID-19 impact to be explained during one routine maids training seesion, just shocked seeing the numbers. The moment I'm writing this comment, the total infected persons are 308,540 and it's getting increased in great speed within minutes. So far 13,069 people died and another 9,943 people are in critical condition. So it's horrible the situation we are going through. I hope the medical world will have to find a vaccine sooner than later to save the lives of thousands of people affected by Coronavirus.