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'Dirty Jew' thug is plumber who was kicked out of home by his mother

by Randi Chang (2021-01-13)

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Adam Cassidy (above) is the thug who racially abused a Jewish family in St Albans yesterday

The thug who racially abused a Jewish family enjoying a family coffee on a high street can be named as 19-year-old Adam Cassidy.

The teenager first shoved a pram containing a baby then called the child's father a 'dirty jew' before kicking an advertising hoarding at the family.

His disgusting attack was captured on video and he was quickly identified. 

Cassidy's grandmother was quick to distance herself from his behaviour when asked about him this morning.

She said: 'I've seen the video and it's terrible.

He has not lived here for six weeks now. My daughter is a Muslim and got him to leave over his behaviour.' 

She scoffed at the idea that he had any interest in politics and said she did not know where his antisemitic language had come from.
She said that both his mother and father were in Egypt.  

Cassidy was seen on camera unleashing the vile insults at his victim and his young family. He shoved a toddler's pram and when the father asked why he had done it, Cassidy replied: 'Because you're a dirty jew'.   

The victim told MailOnline of the attack yesterday at 2.15pm in St Albans outside Costa Coffee on St Peter's Street.

He said his heart started beating quickly as the situation spiralled, and described the altercation as 'very unpleasant'.