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Rugged phones no longer look like rocks

by Maisie Marr (2020-12-30)

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Brian Cooley/CNET
Let me guess: You're still carrying a phone you're terrified of dropping. Even though the new iPhone 12 passed our scratch and drop test with flying colors, thanks to its ceramic shield screen, Apple still recommends using a case. So you cocoon it in an add-on case, maybe with a finger loop for extra safety, and end up with a package that makes a mockery of your "thin" phone. If so, it's time to consider one of the new breed of rugged phones, which range from slim to attractively chunky. They all have built-in drop-and-dunk resistance, no case needed. And they typically offer a slew of useful features no  phone can replicate. If you think the typical phones have become universally boringly excellent, you're right -- so prepare to be excited all over again.Read more: Best waterproof camera for shooting underwater video in 2020

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The best features of rugged phones you need to know about


For example, the Samsung XCover Pro and Cat S52 lay claim to being the lightest and thinnest rugged phones, respectively (though the Cat S52 is only Samsung XCover Pro

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