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White House ordered discontinued wallpaper from Pennsylvania company

by Robbin Hales (2020-11-17)

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A wallpaper company in Pennsylvania was shocked when it received an order from the White House earlier this month.

So shocked, in fact, that the owners at York Wallcoverings actually thought it was some sort of prank, reported.

It wasn't, and the company quickly realized they had a long day ahead of them - the White House wanted the wallpaper delivered by 7pm that same day. 

And to throw another complication into the mix, the print the White House requested, which was hand picked by the President himself, had been discontinued in 2014.  

Though it was a difficult task - the company was up for the challenge, as it meant their wallpaper would hang in the Oval Office.


The new Oval Office wallpaper was selected by the President himself from a company in Pennylvania, who first thought the order was some sort of prank

The print the White House requested was discontinued in 2014, and the workers needed to have it delivered the same day they put in the order

The wallpaper was part of the extensive White House renovation which included an new HVAC system, a paint touch-up and a total replace of all of the carpeting, among other changes, according to CNN.  

Trump spent nearly two weeks at his golf club in Bedminister, New Jersey to allow the renovations to be done. 

He reportedly called the White House a 'real dump' earlier this summer, though he denies making the comment.