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shophouse icon central binh duong5 mai chi tho

by Magnolia Batts (2020-03-12)

Or Administrative Center of Binh Duong Province.

Typically residential projects of Khang Dien District 9, Van Phuc Thu Duc, or Cityland Go Vap. It will take only 7 minutes to attain the Aeon Mall Binh Duong supermarket, and 5 minutes to the system of schools at Hoa Trang Nguyen Kindergarten, Viet My School, Tuy An 1 Primary School, Tuy An Primary School, Elementary School Studying Bui Thi Xuan.

to accommodate the residents here.
ẠI UTILITIES OUTDOOR ICON CENTRAL BINH DUONG〉 The investor has focused on developing internal facilities such as for instance parks, kindergartens, restaurants ...

Residing in well-planned neighborhoods will bring a healthy body and spiritual values. With the determination of developing a high-end residential area for professionals.

From experts surviving in Icon Central, it is easy to proceed to workplaces in industrial zones such as for example Song Than, Vsip, Viet Huong, Dong Hai, ..

Combined with upcoming Di An to the City, IconCentral Binh Duong project is incredibly interested by investors.
Project name Icon Central
Location C1 - KP Chieu Lieu - Tan Dong Hiep Ward - Di du an icon central binh duong - Binh Duong
Type of Land Products (red book), Shophouse (pink book)
Amount of 470 products
Area 60-100 m2.
Progress of the project Finishing to leveling
Estimated selling price of VND 40 million / m2
Investor Phu Hong Thinh
Project Development Danh Viet Group
Phuc Dien Distribution
Banking MBbank
Location Icon Central Binh Duong is found at Front Street No.

5, Tan Dong Hiep Ward, Di An Town, Binh Duong Province.
With 4 existing roads, it is significantly less than 5 minutes to connect right to the National Road and National Highway 13. The worth of real-estate is increasing year by year

In addition, when living at Icon Central Binh Duong, customers will also easily head to Bach Hoa Xanh Street X1, Hoang Phuc Book Supermarket, Travipha Convenience Store, Viettel Store, Vinmart, Dien May Xanh.

From there, create a premise to attract domestic and foreign investment into real-estate projects in Binh Duong.
〈BENEFITS OF ICON CENTRAL BINH DUONG AREA〉 Transport infrastructure: In line with the PCI provincial competitiveness index in 2017, Binh Duong ranks first in the country when it comes to infrastructure quality.

Proceed to the middle of Aeon Mall Binh Duong only 7p.
Region link: IconCentral Binh Duong potential a shophouse project in Di An center, Binh Duong.